WWE News: Hall Of Famer Says He Was ‘Embarrassed’ By ‘Monday Night Raw’

Ever since Stephanie McMahon introduced the Divas Revolution on Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, the division has really heated up. The debuts of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch have rejuvenated a division that had been stale for quite some time. Unfortunately, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was embarrassed by what he saw on Raw last night.

The Divas division is heading toward a huge 9-Diva tag team elimination match at SummerSlam on Sunday. It will likely lead to a feud for the Divas Championship between Team Bella (Nikki Bella) and a member each from Team BAD and PCB.

Mick Foley apparently loved when the Divas Revolution kicked off back in mid-July, and he was really excited about it. Now, he says that his “tears of joy” have turned to “anger,” “embarrassment.”

Foley wrote a very lengthy post on his Facebook page detailing his problems with last night’s Raw. The hardcore legend was extremely disappointed and embarrassed that fans were chanting “We Want Lesnar” during the match between Nikki Bella and Sasha Banks.

From there, Foley believes that something big is needed to kick-start it all again.

“Quite simply, we need a women’s pipebomb. Stephanie may have kicked off the #DivaRevolution on WWE Raw – but we need a Diva/woman/female competitor to take that ball and run with it. We can’t just gradually be SHOWN the revolution. WE can’t have the revolution EXPLAINED to us. We need one of the participants to make us FEEL it. We NEED that promo that perfectly captures the time and place, the pride and passion of this revolution. We NEED a CM Punk pipebomb.”

Everyone who watches wrestling remembers the incredibly immaculate promo given by CM Punk. That set the wrestling world on its head and made Punk look that much better than everyone already knew he was.

Yes, it was a return for Brock Lesnar to his hometown, but the fans really didn’t need to chant for him during the Divas match. They didn’t need to do it during anyone else’s match, but that was what really got to Foley.

“As a wrestling fan, I was embarrassed. As a friend of both participants in the match, I was hurt. In my wrestling days, I would have tapped into those feelings of embarrassment and hurt and let it out in a promo.”

Mick Foley looks at the promo skills of John Cena and Paul Heyman. He looks back to CM Punk or Dusty Rhodes or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the promos they gave in their time. He wants to hear a Diva give one of those promos that will always be remembered and puts the wrestling world on edge.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley really hopes that the same kind of disrespect is not shown to the Divas again, or any wrestler for that matter. Maybe one of the Divas will hear his words and not just showcase their talents at SummerSlam, but drop that pipebomb.

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