Exclusive: Former-World Tag-Team Champion Sylvain Grenier Talks WWE NXT And His Fondest Moments In WWE

La Resistance, a former-WWE Tag-Team, had three members involved in the stable. It was comprised of Rene Dupree, Rob Conway, and Sylvain Grenier. The three of them combined to win four World Tag-Team championships. Conway was added after La Resistance began, which had Dupree and Grenier as the original tag-team.

After three years of bountiful success, Grenier helped make an emphatic note on WWE’s Tag-Team history. During that era, Edge and Christian were still a force. Other WWE teams included Evolution, the Dudley Boyz, Chris Benoit and Edge, as well as Booker T and Rob Van Dam.

Needless to say, Sylvain Grenier was in the middle of a boom in tag-team wrestling. Yesterday, the Inquisitr had the chance to talk to the former-World Tag-Team champion about his time in the WWE, favorite wrestlers to work with, and the hard work it takes to be a champion.

Inquisitr: What was your favorite moment in your WWE career?

Sylvain Grenier: “Properly winning the Tag Team gold for the first time.”

Inquisitr: It’s often true that after a wrestler wins gold, it brings a lot of responsibility to the champion. How did your first title reign change you and Rob Conway’s views in the aspect of competing harder, training harder, and keeping the prestige of the belts alive?

Sylvain Grenier: “You know, it’s like when you train, getting there is the hardest. It’s not as champions, you got be on you’re A-game all the time, showing what you’re made out of and keeping training. When you can reach expectations, you’re supposed to entertain. You have to learn to juggle in the business.”

Inquisitr: Based off of that, was more pressure involved during your four runs as World Tag-Team champion?

Sylvain Grenier: “Yes, but with Conway it worked because we helped each other out. When you hold titles, you can’t just drop the ball and relax.”

Inquisitr: Who were your favorite wrestlers to work with in the WWE?

Sylvain Grenier: “I liked William Regal, Shelton Benjamin, and Chris Jericho. Regal is really underrated and is a veteran in the ring. So, he is wise for advice and Benjamin always had a smile and was always ready and honest. Jericho has had a lot of success, so he was useful to go to.”

Inquisitr: Do you foresee yourself going back to the WWE, and if so, what would you want to accomplish?

Sylvain Grenier: “I wanted to go back as soon as I got released. I sent in application, but if somehow I did get back in, I’d probably like a few more matches, but I would like teaching new talent on NXT.”

Inquisitr: What’s an idea you have for WWE NXT?

Sylvain Grenier: “I think the NXT Tag-Team gold definitely needs more of a push. I’d have three stables, in a six-man battle royal with three teams of two.”

The former-World Tag-Team champion also said Ronda Rousey would be huge if she was at WWE NXT and noted that he is very impressed with Kevin Owens.

There are those that believe La Resistance wasn’t treated properly after their good run in the Tag-Team division. Grenier was released in 2007 and Rene Dupree didn’t accomplish as much as WWE fans thought he would have.

Altogether, Sylvain Grenier, Dupree, and Rob Conway brought a lot to the Tag-Team division during a time when it was very popular. They were also included in a great moment in Montreal, Quebec, Canada when Conway and Grenier won the World Tag-Team championship from Benoit and Edge, a moment that Canadian WWE fans won’t forget anytime soon.

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