Mike Epps’ Twitter Drama: A Second Woman Exposes Epps’ DMs After Wife Blocks First One

Mike Epps is certainly having an interesting Twitter news-making day. The man whom viewers loved as Satin Struthers in Sparkle, and more recently as everybody’s favorite uncle in LeBron James’ Survivor’s Remorse — as reported by the Inquisitr — is in Google News reports perhaps for reasons that he wouldn’t like after Twitter drama broke out recently.

The Twitter exchange seemed to start innocently enough, with laughing her butt off about people really getting angry about “spoilers,” then wrote “hey” and Ceci Citra laughed her butt off again, writing “hello” back. Epps asked if she was on Instagram and she said she wasn’t anymore because she wasn’t getting the likes she deserved.

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That’s when , Mike’s wife, let both Mike and Ceci know that she was watching their conversation with a big pair of eyeballs.


After that, Ceci revealed how she was blocked from viewing Mike’s tweets.

Ceci also revealed that she actually is on Instagram, and reading through her Twitter tweets and replies is the funniest thing ever, showing the beauty hiding and reacting and being paranoid about all the attention. If the CeciCitra Instagram handle is hers, it is a private account as of this writing.

However, with Epps’ wife, Mechelle, it’s probably not a laughing matter, as reported by Us Magazine?.

Mechelle can be seen on Twitter, having married Mike in July, 2006. The woman who met her husband on the set of The Fighting Temptations is also on Instagram, but she doesn’t have a lot of photos of Mike on IG lately.

Another woman who replied to some of Ceci’s tweets is Kailyndy on Twitter, and when she exclaimed that Mike had just DM’d her as well, of course the Twitter asked for proof, so she provided it — and she calls Epps just a “homie” friend. That conversation showed Epps asking her what she was doing, and her responding that she was relaxing and watching Power.


No big eyeballs from Mechelle followed those initial tweets yet before they moved to DMs, but stick around, because the day is still young — and as more women expose their DMs from Mike, who knows what can happen.


Meanwhile, Mechelle’s Instagram page does show cute videos of the couple’s daughters as they bake cupcakes in the kitchen.

For his part, Mike hasn’t necessarily responded directly to the Twitter drama, although he did post a tweet that mixed a bit of a lesson from Jesus with the kind of wrath from the Old Testament.

Ahh…that Uncle J.

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