Caitlyn Jenner’s Makeup Artist Shares Look Inspired By Cindy Crawford, Caitlyn Sick Of Kardashian Drama And Low Ratings

Caitlyn Jenner’s reality series I Am Cait started off with a strong following when the docu-series first aired a couple of months back. The world was eager to see Jenner take on life in the female form and encouragement was strong for the former Olympian. The support for Caitlyn’s journey remains, yet the ratings for the reality show have fallen drastically making it necessary for a jolt of excitement in regards to events that are televised on the program.

Enter Kris Jenner, reported frustrated ex to the now-transgender star. Clips from a future episode of the series portray Kris and Caitlyn in a serious discussion about their difficult situation. E! bosses have stated that they will need to rely on such interactions between Caitlyn and the Kardashians in order to keep up ratings and to avoid cancellation of a show that is well on its way to that very fate. In addition, the heads of E! have decided that running I Am Cait after new episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is also necessary to keep it alive.

A source discussed the inevitable with Radar Online in regards to the survival of Jenner’s show.

I Am Cait is losing viewers every week. So E! has decided that for the second season, it will air after Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Caitlyn isn’t happy that once again, she will be dependent on the Kardashians for success, and she absolutely hates losing to Kris. Kris has been telling producers at E! that if she had been involved with I Am Cait from the beginning, it would have been a hit.”

Caitlyn and E! bosses had been sure that due to such widespread attention garnered from Caitlyn’s story they believed that Jenner would survive and have a long on air run, apart from KUWTK and the Kardashian drama. The insider indicated how distraught Caitlyn is by the recent 50 percent drop in ratings her show has experienced.

“It’s the absolute humiliation, asking Kris to become involved with the show. She really wanted to do this on her own, with no help from any of the Kardashians.”

Ratings and television drama aside, Caitlyn continues to stun all with her transformation and her notable style. Jenner’s own makeup artist, Kip Zachary, shared with Allure Magazine who it is that she and Jenner draw on for inspiration in regards to her makeup style.

“I started researching brunettes, and I kept going back to Cindy Crawford. That’s where I wanted to go with her look. When you look at pictures of Crawford, she always looks perfect, never overdone.”

Additional inspiration for Caitlyn’s fashion choices and overall looks have also been linked to Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie.

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