Lady Gaga Throws ‘American Horror Story’ Cast A Pool Party

Lady Gaga is proving to be a fun player of the American Horror Story team. Signing on board to an already established cast, especially if you only have a handful of acting projects under your belt, probably isn’t easy.

The cast has welcomed Lady Gaga with open arms, and Gaga has returned the sentiment by throwing the cast a pool party. This week, Gaga started filming American Horror Story: Hotel, and instead of going home at the end of the day, Gaga invited the cast to have a midnight swimming party at her home.

Not one to miss a themed party, Gaga decided to bring American Horror Story to her party, by decorating the pool in “blood red.”

The creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, joked that he had a dream about the pool party, and Sarah Paulson joined in on the fun by tweeting that she had the same “dream.”

Lady Gaga
Except it wasn’t a dream at all, if one goes by Lady Gaga’s instagram account. The singer posted photos of the themed party to her account. The party was decorated with red roses, and gowns. She captioned the pool picture with, “A bloody pool for the cast, sorry #AHSfans, there’s few pictures. At my parties, killer friends have more fun, when no evidence is left behind.”

Cast member Kathy Bates also tweeted about the party, which sounded like quite the event.

AHS pool party

Earlier in the week, Kathy Bates sung Lady Gaga’s praises while the two were shooting the show.

As the Inquisitr reported, Lady Gaga’s role is still under wraps, but we do have a brief description of her character. Gaga will play Elizabeth, a “very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people.”

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