Alexis Bellino Expands Her Family: ‘Who Says Jim Never Gave Me Another Son’

Alexis Bellino left The Real Housewives of Orange County behind a few years back, because she felt bullied by her co-stars. Even Alexis’ husband was questioning whether Alexis should be on the show in the first place, since she felt attacked. Bellino revealed that she had to go on Xanax for the stress that she went through on the show.

But there was another thing that Alexis Bellino shared on the show; she wanted another baby. She already had three with her husband. And while Jim felt that it was more than enough, Alexis felt that one more baby would complete the family. And it sounds like Alexis is getting what she wants – another son.

According to a new Bravo report, Alexis Bellino recently revealed that she is thrilled to introduce the new member to the Bellino family. While Alexis isn’t pregnant, she is getting another son – well, kind of.

“Meet Kingston! He is the newest addition to our family, and he is bringing so much joy. I know there are many ways to gain a pet…adopt, rescue or buy, and when the kids and I left the house yesterday, we never planned on bringing home ANY animals! But you cannot put a price on falling in love. Russo Pets in Newport Beach gave us such a blessing yesterday. (Don’t waste your time leaving negative comments, I’ll just delete them, as this is only a positive moment in the Bellino home. We are in love!)” Alexis Bellino revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of the new pup.

Even though Bellino had been hoping for another baby, it sounds like a dog is more than enough for her. She has posted pictures and videos of the new member and she is thrilled that her kids are happy.

“Who says Jim never gave me another son LOL (THIS is harder work than a son would have been by the way),” she added later, sharing another photo of the pup.

Even though Alexis Bellino has something to celebrate, don’t expect her to go back on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Alexis continues to run her family business and she recently donated a dress to the Children’s Cranial Association to do some charity work.

“Alexis is desperate for attention and by posting it likely is trying to get people think she is returning to the show, but she is not. Don’t believe what you see there. None of the old housewives will be coming back to the show for this season. Bravo has no interest in their story lines, which is why they were gone in the first place!” a source revealed to Radar Online, according to the Inquisitr.

What do you think about Alexis Bellino getting a pup instead of a baby?

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