Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth Epic Press Blitz: Snow White And The Huntsman Cometh

Today, organized mayhem will descend on London.

The world premiere of Snow White and The Huntsman is due to take over Leicester Square in a just few hours, and already fans and the world’s press are assembling to see Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Clafin – and possibly Robert Pattinson – walk a green carpet that’s been turned into an enchanted forest.

Last week a whirlwind press junket kicked off with MTV, before taking in Paris, and now London. Next stop, Berlin and Madrid, and later, even Mexico.

From Friday to Sunday, literally bus-loads of press decamped to Arundel castle in West Sussex for a press blitz with the stars of Universal’s dark fairytale. After the SWATH bootcamp in Arundel, entertainment writers and journalists tweeted up a storm on Twitter. All seemed genuinely thrilled about having one-on-one access to the stars of the film – and at being treated so well.

And who would have thought, in the middle of all the madness, Chris Hemsworth and actress wife, Elsa Pataky would become proud new parents of a little girl named India Rose? Not sure that’s ever happened in the middle of a press junket before.

And as if that wasn’t enough drama, yesterday Kristen Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Tom Sturridge, Sienna Miller and Marcus Foster joined Robert Pattinson and more friends and family for his 26th Birthday Bash at Claridges Hotel in Central London.

But back to SWATH. Interest in this movie is huge, not just because of its stellar cast but because it promises to be a hardcore retelling of a fairytale most think they know. More Game of Thrones than Disney, and that’s despite its 12 -A rating.

Charlize Theron (playing Queen Ravenna) agrees. In a MTV First special last week, the formidable Theron said previous versions of Snow White “only really scratched the surface” of the story. When MTV’s Josh Horowitz asked the cast what SWATH’s deeper messages were, Hemsworth (The Huntsman) said, “I think the message is it’s what’s underneath that counts and that’s what’s going to survive and conquer at the end of the day.”

Watch the whole MTV interview here:

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Interestingly, when the two SWATH actresses appeared on Le Grand Journal (without their male co-stars) on May 9, Charlize said she based aspects of Ravenna on Jack Nicholson’s terrifying performance role in The Shining. A hysterical Q and A that followed is a must watch. To see Charlize and Kristen, fast forward to around 4.15 minutes.

Notable moments: Asked ‘what was the best way to get in job in Hollywood”, Kristen’s quick-fire reply? ” We’re sitting on it”. And there was an extra special ‘finger message’ for the paps.

Watch Le Grand Journal Q and A here:

And there was more to come in a Pure Channel interview for What TV.

When an Oscar-winning, successful actress like Theron says the ‘status’ of women today is still seen as directly indexed to their physical appeal, and that when they lose that, they “diminish,” one gets an inkling of the depth Theron brought to her role. To Ravenna, Theron says, beauty and youth equal “power.”

In the same interview Stewart said she was excited to play such a “fundamental”, “essentially good” character. Defining what strength meant to her, the actress said, “Nowadays there are so many … female characters that people say ‘ooh they’re really strong’ because they are imitating a man, do you know what I mean?” She added, “there’s something … very strong and very feminine about steadiness … I think that’s when a woman is at her strongest, and it’s not about that gruff, in your face.”

Movie-goers thinking about seeing SWATH may be heartened by Stewart’s revelation that the film has a realistic, as well as fantastic vision. And that’s exactly the way the actress wanted it. ” That’s why I wanna make movies. I wanna watch people actually live … I don’t like fakers,” Stewart declared.

Watch the Pure Channel/What TV interview here:

Last Thursday, a solo Stewart dropped in on The Graham Norton show. Wearing a daring, black top and neon yellow Jason Yu ensemble, the actress joined comedian and actor Chris Rock, singer Engelbert Humperdinck and UK actor Stephen Mangan on the sofa.

During the show, Norton, pointed out a few Twilight Saga fans in the audience, Kristen joked that she had,”gotten better at spotting them.” As well as revealing that she nearly “punched” co-star Chris Hemsworth, “right out of his close-up” when filming SWATH, there were more laughs when Norton asked Kristen what kind of mother Bella Cullen was in Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

“They just wanna bone”, quipped Kristen, adding that Bella was too busy being” sparkly” to be maternal. A running joke from Chris Rock throughout the show that the actress has never been in a film without somebody trying to “kill her” was also pretty hysterical.

Watch part of The Graham Norton Show here:

One of the funniest Arundel interviews to surface in the last couple of days, comes courtesy of Kevin ‘Taco Bell’ McCarthy, from NerdTears. Notable moments: Kristen Stewart imagining Twilight without a “committee” of behind-the- scenes decision makers, talking about “the business”, and her thoughts about being called a role model.

On that last subject, Stewart pointed out the pitfalls of that particular label saying, “Being too aware of what you’re presenting to them [fans], because then you’re not real anymore – you’re not being yourself.”

Watch Kevin McCarthy interviews with the SWATH cast here:

New Clip from Snow White and The Huntsman.

Snow White and Queen Ravenna Face-off.

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Snow White and The Huntsman opens across the UK and Europe from May 30 and in the U.S on June 1.

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