EPA Changing Gas Pump Vapor Handles

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday announced plans to phase out the rubber boots on gas pumps. Those rubber boots are used to capture harmful gasoline vapors while refueling cars, an option the agency and the Obama administration say is dated and no longer needed.

The EPA argues that vapor-capturing fuel pumps are redundant because 70% of all cars are now equipped with specialized on-board systems that capture harmful gas vapors without the need for an EPA gas vapor pump barrier.

The move to replace the pumps will affect 31,000 gas stations, mostly in urban areas. The agency predicts the switch will save $3,000 per pump.

In a statement regarding the move President Obama noted:

“We will remain vigilant when it comes to eliminating regulations that are not necessary or that impose unnecessary burdens on America’s families and businesses.”

The removal of the gas vapor pump barriers is part of a larger government-wide review of federal regulations. The White House hopes that by eliminating unneeded regulations they can save nearly $6 billion in the next five years. Various other plans being updated include changing railroad regulations realted to freight train travel and changing certain regulatory reporting requirements for doctors and hospitals. Some traffic lights will also be available for replacement at the state level, something that was previously regulated by the Federal government.

In the meantime the move is meant to help drivers who often complain that the rubber boots do not fit over their motorcycles and various recreational vehicles that do not fit inside the “normal” category of vehicles.

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