Terrence Howard And Mira Pak End Marriage In Secret: ‘Empire’ Actor Has Split Revealed In Court

Terrence Howard and Mira Pak have ended their marriage just three months after she gave birth to their son. Howard revealed the split when he was on the stand in court proceedings involving his second wife, Michelle Ghent. He divorced her two years ago, but she is still fighting for money from the Empire star. She wants some of his earnings from the Fox series.

According to the Toronto Sun, the divorce news was released when Howard was on stand. One of the attorneys called Mira Pak his ex-wife, and Howard did not correct the lawyer. After the split was revealed, a source shared that the divorce was only recently finalized in a Chicago courtroom. Surprisingly, Pak was in the Los Angeles courtroom to support Howard just last week.

Yahoo! Celebrity reported more on the divorce. Apparently, Pak filed for divorce back in March, while pregnant with Howard’s child. The divorce was finalized last month. Howard and Pak welcomed their son in May, and Howard showed off the infant on his Twitter in June.

His legal issues are now the focus of his life as the Empire cast prepares for Season 2 on Fox. Terrence Howard’s case went to court on August 13, and he began his testimony on Thursday.

The judge heard closing statements in the case on Monday afternoon, according to the Star Tribune. The judge, Thomas Trent Lewis, will have a decision on the case on August 24.

This court case against Howard has been called emotional. Michelle Ghent accused Howard of abuse and being violent with her. He denied those claims. A June Vulture report shared the accusations Ghent made against Howard.

“Michelle Ghent filed a lawsuit against the actor, claiming that he punched her, grabbed her by the neck, and strangled her ‘for several seconds’ during a stay at a rental house in Costa Rica in 2013. Describing the assault, Ghent says that Howard pinned her against a glass shower door when she tried to get away, causing his son-in-law to intervene. During the altercation, she says Howard referenced a previous threat that ‘her body would never leave the island.’ When he tried to attack her again later that night, Ghent says she pepper-sprayed him in the face.”

Ghent also sued the actor for defamation. That claim stemmed from claims made that Ghent threatened Howard and Pak online.

Monday’s proceedings were far from quiet. Terrence Howard had already cried during Friday’s proceedings, according to TMZ. The actor had to fight back tears during his testimony about the threats Ghent made against him.

“Terrence Howard broke down on the stand today when he testified he signed a settlement agreement with his wife because she threatened to release medical information that would make it impossible for him to ever work in Hollywood again. Howard was referring to a conversation he taped when Michelle Ghent was on the phone threatening to telling various people he had an STD.”

However, the actor was outraged during Monday’s session, according to People Magazine. Howard even called the questioning during Monday’s session an “ambush.”

During the court proceedings, Ghent’s attorneys shared several audio clips and written statements sent by text and email. The evidence showed more about the troubled relationship between Howard and Ghent. The actor threatened to kill himself during the couple’s relationship, and he said that he still loved her after he was married to Pak.

People Magazine shared the text of one email Howard sent to Ghent.

“I’m sitting here at lunch hoping you’ll call… every minute of every day I feel like putting an end to this miserable existence… every lie I’ve told to you are equal in my mind to putting bullets into a clip and firing them at my future…. I am devastated by my stupidity.”

During Monday’s court proceedings, Howard revealed more about the threats he claim Ghent made against him. He said that, “She was continually attacking me.” He also revealed that toxic nature of their relationship.

“I loved her and was also afraid of her. Love is a very complicated thing…. I was in love with the person who [was holding me] captive.”

There were more details revealed during Howard’s testimony. He revealed that the only time the couple was happy was when they used drugs. The pair used cocaine, esctacy, and marijuana together.

As for Empire, Fox will premiere Season 2 this fall, and there is a lot of drama surrounding Howard’s character on the series. People Magazine shared the first trailer for Empire Season 2, and Lucious is headed to jail in the clip.

While he is in jail, his son will try to have Lucious removed as CEO of Empire, but he will have support on his side. Marisa Tomei will play a character that will try to make it clear that there is no Empire without Lucious.

Terrence Howard is the latest Hollywood celebrity to reveal the end of a marriage this summer. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce was announced on June 30. Since then, the couple’s split has made headlines due to allegations of cheating against Affleck.

What do you think of the reveal of Terrence Howard’s third divorce? Are you shocked by the revelations shared by the actor during his testimony?

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