Emile Hirsch Pleads Guilty To Assault Of Paramount Exec, Gets 15 Days In Jail

According to Deadline, Emile Hirsch has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for assaulting Paramount executive Daniele Bernfeld. The assault happened during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

During a party at TAO nightclub, the actor, who was reportedly drunk, approached Bernfeld. After she tried to ignore Emile Hirsch, he put her in a chokehold, and threw her across the table. She went on to call the attack “insanely painful and absolutely terrifying.”

When police confronted Hirsch, he said he didn’t remember the incident, but did say that the two were “mouthing off” and said, “She started kind of causing a ruckus and I sort of started getting intervening and this happened. I don’t think it was much more than that to be honest…. I think she had a go at me and I probably defended myself.”

When Hirsch was initially charged on February 12, days later he checked into rehab, and was then excused from attending hearings in Utah because of his rehab program. Although he still couldn’t remember what happened that night, Hirsch spoke at today’s hearing and said that there was “no excuse” for his behavior, and that he was “wrong” and “reckless.” In addition he offered up an apology to the Paramount executive.

Initially, Hirsch was supposed to be sentenced to five years behind bars. Instead, he started serving his 15-day jail sentence today. In addition to his jail time, he will have to pay $4750, and complete 50 hours of community service, and attend “aftercare” sessions. If Hirsch doesn’t meet all of his requirements, then he will have to serve a year in jail. If he completes everything then the charges will be dropped.

The Deputy County Attorney, Ryan Stack, addressed the court with a statement, “Mr. Hirsch did something inexcusable.”

Hirsch was charged with intoxication and assault.

Judge Pettit said the ruling was “a significant punishment” for the actor considering he didn’t have any past troubles with the law, with the exception of minor traffic violations.

The only person not pleased with the sentence was Bernfeld, who thought the deal was “bare minimum” and called for Hirsch to be punished more.

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