‘The Fosters’ Spoilers: Summer Finale Brings Callie And Brandon Stress, Courtroom Drama Ahead

The Fosters summer finale airs Monday night on ABC Family, and fans cannot wait to see what lies ahead. Callie and Brandon finally gave in to their attraction to one another, but there may be some rocky times ahead. What Fosters spoilers are available regarding the August 17 Season 3 summer finale? When does the show return with new episodes?

Actor David Lambert, who plays Brandon Foster, teased some Fosters spoilers via TVLine. Lambert says that after the steamy interlude between Brandon and Callie, they have an ominous cloud over them in this summer finale. The reality of what could happen as a result of this comes crashing down on them, and they’ll have to decide what comes next.

TV Guide details that this Season 3 summer finale is titled “Lucky.” Viewers will see Lena and Stef put together an anniversary party for Lena’s parents. However, as fans know, Stef and Lena have been having some challenges in their own relationship. They’re barely speaking to one another, and they broach the idea of canceling the party entirely. In addition, Mariana is working on patching things up with Mat, and Callie is due in court.

The fate of Callie’s adoption has been hanging in the balance, and the family has been facing the idea that things may not go the way they had hoped. While that may have been a big part of why Callie gave in to her feelings for Brandon, now the adoption may go through after all.

This latest adoption news has certainly left Callie feeling shaken up on multiple fronts. Of course, if Callie ends up not permanently joining the family, then her moment with Brandon is not necessarily a big problem. However, with the adoption now seemingly set to move ahead, Callie and Brandon are feeling the pressure over their decision to sleep together. Fans will certainly be getting a taste of what comes next in Monday’s episode.

Actress Maia Mitchell, who plays Callie Jacob, shared some additional Fosters spoilers via Entertainment Weekly. Mitchell teases that what plays out in the courtroom will be very exciting, and she’s not sure whether viewers will be cheering Callie on or screaming over what she does and says.

The Fosters star adds that fans are either “going to be totally for it or completely frustrated and furious” in terms of how this summer finale plays out. Will fans be left hanging at Monday’s episode wraps up, or will everybody be left with a solid finish heading into this fall hiatus? This one is being teased as having a shocker to it, and it seems viewers may want to brace themselves to be left stunned or at least hanging.

The Season 3 summer finale of The Fosters airs on ABC Family on Monday, August 17. The show will be back with more over the winter, with new episodes likely beginning again in January.

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