Alabama Women Arrested For Breaking Into County Jail

Imagine someone wanting to break into jail as opposed to escape from jail. That is exactly what a woman in Alabama tried to do, NBC News is reporting. Talisha Gwen McCann, 42, of Russellville, Alabama, tried to break into the county jail and was arrested, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s office. McCann was arrested and put in jail for several criminal counts, including possession of burglar’s tools and possession of a controlled substance. She was caught on surveillance video trying to cut the jail’s fence with bolt cutters.

It was reported that McCann was attempting to deliver drugs and other contraband to inmates in the country jail. Sheriff Shannon Oliver said he’s never seen someone try to break into jail before.

“Corrections records show that McCann was released from the same jail in late July on probation. The charges in that case weren’t recorded, but court records show that she was indicted in May on charges of possession of a controlled substance,” NBC News reported.

McCann is reported to be back in jail, the same jail, after trying to break into the jail where she had previously served time, WPTV News reported.

“She had two gallon-sized bags of tobacco, a small amount of suboxone strips, and a cell phone that she was trying to get inside,” Sheriff Oliver told WAFF.

While this was the first time the Sheriff saw someone breaking into jail, it has been common to make attempts to get drugs and other contraband to inmates inside the jail.

“This is a constant battle every day, they try to throw stuff over the fence or they’ll leave it where maybe if they go out to clean they can pick it up or something of that nature,” said Sheriff Oliver.

It is far more common for folks to want to break out of jail than to want to break into jail, as the Inquisitr reported about two inmates breaking out from jail in New York.

Remember the song “Jailbreak” by the British rock band Thin Lizzy? It’s unimaginable that they would have titled the song “Break Into Jail” and sung about someone wanting to get into jail rather than out of jail.

[Photo of Talisha Gwen McCann from a jail booking from the Franklin County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office]

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