Ed Sheeran Defends Tattoo Of A Giant Lion On His Chest

Ed Sheeran has taken to social media to defend a giant tattoo of a lion on his chest, telling the haters where they can take their criticism, Music Times is reporting.

Last week, Sheeran played a series of sold-out shows at London’s Wembley Stadium. To commemorate the event, Sheeran decided that it made perfect sense to get a tattoo of a lion across his chest, because England’s national football (soccer) team plays there and their mascot is the lion, so why not? At least, it made sense to Ed. He posted a picture of the not-fully-finished tattoo on Instagram.

“Halfway and ouch”

Pretty soon, the haters started offering their own opinions on Ed Sheeran’s tattoo. Fellow musician Tom Chaplin, of Keane, didn’t hold back.

Ed caught wind of Tom’s criticism and brushed it off.

Then one of Ed’s fans chimed in.

Eventually, something of a Twitter war erupted between Tom, Ed, and fans of either of the two men. The Inquisitr will spare you the details — largely because some of the tweets include language that won’t be published here — but eventually Tom admitted defeat, in a way, according to Billboard (“You don’t need my jaded opinion”).

After the dust had somewhat settled, Ed Sheeran chimed in on Twitter to defend his tattoo.

Then, presumably to drive home the point, Ed posted a photo of a bowl of pasta on Instagram. We’d show it to you, but, it’s a bowl of pasta. You probably know what a bowl of pasta looks like.

Do you think Ed Sheeran should have to defend his tattoo?

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images / Theo Wargo]

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