Kanye West Dissed By Fashion Expert: ‘He’s No Calvin Klein’

Kanye West should probably be used to the hate that comes his way by now. Earlier this year, Kanye haters were up in arms when it was announced that West would headline this years Glastonbury music festival. West’s detractors were many and from all walks of life and one Glastonbury fan even went so far as to start a petition demanding that West be removed from the line-up. The anti-Kanye petition attracted over 130,000 signatures and Glastonbury curator Emily Eavis was even subjected to death threats for booking West.

Kanye has had a lot of shade thrown in his direction, even his rap star buddy Drake mocked him in a video release. Kanye seems keen to branch out into the fashion business but was widely mocked after he dressed his wife for a controversial photo-shoot. The Daily Mail reported that West dressed his wife, Kim Kardashian West, in a “naked” body suit and had her photographed laying on a huge pile of dirt.

Now TMZ reports that fashion guru Robert Verdi is the latest to criticize West’s fashion sense. The former “Fashion Police” host who designed for stars like Hugh Jackman and Mariska Hargitay thinks that Kanye has an inflated view of his own skills as a fashion designer.

When Verdi was asked what he thought of Kanye’s skills as a designer he was less than complimentary in his reply.

“I think Kanye loves fashion and is beginning to create a footprint in the fashion industry. People have a love-hate relationship with Kanye, he is a polarizing figure.”

“[Kanye] borrows a lot of ideas from designers he likes. That’s not the most innovative way to approach fashion. I think Kanye will have an impact in fashion but I don’t think Kanye will be Calvin Klein.”

Verdi went on to say that he believes that Kanye thinks that “he will be the next Marc Jacobs or Karl Lagerfeld” and that those were big shoes to fill. In essence Verdi says that Kanye copies other designers and thinks he is much better than he actually is. Ouch!

In other Kanye West news, Time reports that fans are becoming increasingly frustrated about the constant delays in the release of West’s new album. Some are so frustrated that they have taken their discontent to the very top. One fan started a petition demanding that President Obama use his executive powers to force Kanye to release his forthcoming album Swish.

It is not clear whether or not Kanye believes he is above presidential decree.

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