Hilarious ‘Harry Potter’ Subtitles Make The Chinese Version Of The Movie Better Than The Original

The Harry Potter movies just got funnier thanks to incorrect subtitles recently found on a Chinese version of a Harry Potter movie. While subtitling movies can be a little dicey at times, this is one time when many fans are left either scratching their heads as they try to work out how the person subtitling the movie came to pick their word choices, or laughing out loud at some of the more hilarious misinterpretations.

While some outlets are reporting the subtitling for this movie is from a Chinese bootleg copy of Harry Potter, other sources state it is from the official Chinese version of Harry Potter.

Thanks to the Shanghaiist, here’s the apparent synopsis for the Chinese version of Harry Potter:

“The film begins with a young wizard, the eponymous Hally Porter, who must escape from the clutches of his Melon uncle along with two pigeons.

Hally finds his way to the Hogawalz School of Wizardly, where he befriends a red-haired wizard name Rond after inspecting his magic stick. When the bratty Draco Malfoy tries to bully Hally, Ron sticks up for his friend and tells the bully to eat crickets. Malfoy responds by calling everyone dirty Melons.

Later in the film, Harry must confront the evil wizard Fodi and get the gold voice, all while trying not to get fired.”

As well as some of the more hilarious references to Hally Porter and the word “melon” being upgraded to dirty status, some legitimate swear words also manage to make their way into the Harry Potter movie. And some of those swear words are F-bombs! As well as the obvious use of swear words in this Chinese interpretation, there is also some pretty hysterical grown up references thrown in. Who can forget Hally Porter asking Rond to “look at my magic stick” and Hermione being referred to as “Miss Gland” by Malfoy?

And then there are the drug references. It appears Dumbledore exclaims “she is stoned”, but it is unclear who “she” is – student or teacher? Or perhaps he is referring to the author of the Harry Potter series? Although, when Minerva McGonagall refers to Hufflepuff as “Hayhuff Paff”, perhaps we have an answer?

You can check out more of the hilarious Harry Potter subtitles in the gallery. Or, alternatively, you can view the video of them below:

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What are some of the funnier foreign translations have you seen of movies? Do you think this Chinese bootleg version improves the Harry Potter movie? Let us know by commenting below!

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