Crowd-Birthing: The Latest Trend Invites Everybody And The Mother Into The Delivery Room

Chances are, you’ve heard of crowd-funding, whereby a group of people funds a project they want to see happen. But have you heard of crowd-birthing? According to ABC News, crowd-birthing is the most recent delivery room trend whereby the baby’s parents invite a bunch of people in their delivery room to witness the baby or babies’ birth. Or, the parents decide to document the birthing process on social media — in order to update folks minute-by-minute on the baby’s arrival.

Crowd-birthing is certainly a change from the days of old when even dads weren’t allowed into the delivery room.

The crowd-birthing concept apparently only suits those mothers and fathers who love people and don’t mind opening up such a private part of their private parts to those who are allowed into the delivery room. While some mothers don’t mind a live audience watching them giving birth — and perhaps find it comforting for their family members and friends to remain nearby during the process — other mothers find the thought perishable.

Younger mothers, however, at least some of them, don’t mind bringing 15 or so folks to the hospital to wait out the birth of the baby. The crowd-birthing conundrum, as reported by the Guardian, can go awry when the crowd of folks gets kicked out of the birthing room — sometimes even the midwife as well. Whilst the birthing process can appear to go pretty quickly when seen on TV shows, most new moms and dads discover that unexpected things can happen in delivery rooms.

One such unexpected occurrence is the common event of moms attempting to push out the baby and end up pushing out excrement instead. With these types of personal things happening during childbirth, it’s hard to imagine why crowd-birthing would become a thing that lots of mothers are open to experiencing.

“Good God!! Why would people want everyone to see it? It’s hardly the most dignifying thing is it? I just had my hubby there at the birth of our son, and it will just be me and hubby…”

While crowd-birthing might not appear as part of the birthing plan for many moms, others might find the tribal and community quality of the crowd-birthing concept refreshing and bond-building.

As reported by Inquisitr, beyond crowd-birthing, other new trends spotted lately include dangerous DIY braces tutorials videos on YouTube. In those videos, mostly teenaged girls instruct others on how to make their own braces, but experts are warning that the process could make users lose their teeth.

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