‘Big Brother 17’: Jackie Ibarra Reveals The Houseguest She Would Partner With On ‘The Amazing Race’

Jackie Ibarra was sent home in abrupt fashion from the Big Brother 17 house last Thursday. As the evictee during the second half of the double eviction episode, Jackie was nominated by Steve alongside her ally Meg. John declined to use his veto to save either nominee.

In her exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ibarra revealed that Big Brother was a much harder game than her last reality show venture, The Amazing Race. Her partner Jeff Weldon, who came into the Big Brother 17 house with her, also said upon his eviction that Big Brother was much tougher than the Race.

Ibarra said that she would choose her Big Brother ally James to partner with if she did The Amazing Race again. EW had, of course, asked her to exclude Weldon when choosing an Amazing Race partner from the crop of her current Big Brother roommates. In her exit interview with Jeff Schroeder of CBS, she said James was also her pick to win it all on Big Brother 17.

“He’s very loyal, he’s working hard, and he has a daughter. He deserves it!”

James is in a tough spot this week, as he lost an ally in Jackie. He was instrumental in flipping the house last week to keep Vanessa Rousso and evict Shelli Poole. Ibarra told Big Brother Network that her target was always Vanessa, even though she voted to evict Shelli.

“I honestly never intended to fully trust Vanessa. It was kind of a keep your enemies closer game move.

“My plan the whole time was to evict Vanessa and I really wanted to stand by Becky and have her back. There was a lot of ruffled feathers the week before with Shelli that could not be looked past.

“Meg and James were very adamant about letting Shelli go since she was still on the block and I went with my gut and felt that this was the right opportunity to evict Shelli.”

Although Jackie has been evicted for the moment, she and Shelli are the first two members of the jury. They also have the potential to come back into the game, as host Julie Chen revealed to the houseguests and the viewing audience.

Big Brother has not revealed how that return might happen. If the model of previous years is followed, the first few members of the jury will participate in a competition and the winner will re-enter the house.

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.

[Image: CBS]

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