Katy Perry Says ‘Bye’ To Her ‘Prism’ Album, Is It A Hint At New Music? [Rumor]

Is Katy Perry saying goodbye to her Prism era? It sure seems so, thanks to a recent Instagram post that featured the word “bye” artfully placed on the singer’s middle finger, highlighted by the colors of the rainbow.


Before we all get too excited, this photo says absolutely nothing about Katy being over her Prism album, nor does it hint at any new music on the way. The photo was simply captioned with the word “girl,” but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering what exactly the message means.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the cryptic photo features the word “bye” placed on her middle finger, and some believe this to be a very crafty way to say “F.U.” to her Prism era, and that maybe she is hinting at the possibility of a new album on the way.

While the possible “F.U.” message could be something, MTV News stated that it’s very unlikely that Katy Perry is really trying to diss her Prism album, especially considering her Prismatic World Tour is still taking place and will run through October. There is also the fact that the album has sold over four million copies to-date!

It’s unlikely that Katy is over her last studio album, but that doesn’t mean fans have stopped believing this to be a message meaning that the singer has some new music on the way. Just check out some of the Twitter chatter going on!

So is Katy Perry saying goodbye to the Prism era? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

[Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images for the Starkey Hearing Foundation]

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