Ed Sheeran Hangs Out With Jay-Z And Beyoncé To Do Jägerbombs

Ed Sheeran has many A-list pals, and Taylor Swift is just one of them.

In the latest NBC special documentary-type show, Ed Sheeran: Live at Wembley Stadium, which premieres on Sunday, the British singer can be seen doing many interesting things (apart from singing to sold-out crowds for three nights at Wembley, of course), one of which is candidly talking about the time he spends with his A-list friends and what he usually does with them.

As People revealed, the one-hour special follows Ed Sheeran, at his three-night set at London’s Wembley Stadium (also the reason for his latest tattoo), where the British pop star jammed with none other than Sir Elton John himself, in addition to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from his globe-trotting album tour.

In the show, other than hanging out with Sir Elton John in the English football team’s dressing room, Ed Sheeran is also seen hanging out with his musician friends, such as Kylie Minogue, and dishing from his tour diary.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the clip is when Ed Sheeran recalls a visit to New York City and the time he hung out with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. After a concert at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, Ed Sheeran met up with the first couple of rap and pop, only to proceed to a crazy evening of adventure with them.

“Had breakfast. Went to Brooklyn for the show. Then went for pizza with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Then took them to a dive bar and did Jäegerbombs.. That’s weird.”


While some fans do not particularly savor Ed Sheeran’s honest retellings of his life and adventures, most of his fans love him for it, as Bustle reported.

“While some may have retracted ‘dive bar and Jäegerbombs’ in favor of something like, ‘brunch at a lovely bistro,’ Sheeran continually gives us the unfiltered truth. And we love him for it.”

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran has received criticism for his latest chest tattoo from several quarters, including Keane’s Tom Chaplin, who called the design a “really bad picture of a lion.” According to Billboard, Ed Sheeran retorted soon after with the following words.

“I like it and that’s the only opinion that matters.”

We’ll have to agree with that.

True Ed Sheeran fans simply wish the British pop star to stay true to himself, and it looks as though he has no trouble doing just that.

[Photo: Andrew H. Walker, Cindy Ord / Getty Images]

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