Salma Hayek Gets Restraining Order Against Two Women Who Impersonated Her & Tried To Kidnap Her Daughter For Ransom

Salma Hayek obtained a restraining order to prevent what she worries could be kidnap attempts by two women. Salma has accused the women of pretending to be her, and Hayek alleged that they are irrational and are making threats to take her daughter, 7, and then keep the little girl in order to get ransom, reported MSN.

Hayek’s daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, is at risk because of those threats, said Salma. Hayek referenced an email message that claimed to know the location of her daughter and asked about the value of the child’s life.

“I know where her daughter will be. How much is her life worth?” the message reportedly said.

Per the restraining order, the women must remain 100 yards from Salma, as well as her daughter and husband. Hayek, 48, will return to court in September to pursue her desire for a permanent restraining order.

The women who Salma accused of kidnapping attempts are Liana Philippon, 25, and Odette Bodagh, 35, reported the New York Daily News.

Hayek is married to Francois-Henri Pinault, a French billionaire. The women who Salma feels have become fixated with her and her family pretended to be friends with them.

In addition, the court filing notes that Odette says she loves Salma and even abandoned her own husband for Hayek.

But Salma is particularly worried because the women also attempted to get in touch with 7-year-old Valentina directly, while pretending to be Hayek.

Salma revealed that the problems began in June, 2014. Philippon impersonated Angie Harmon and, in her guise as the actress, reached out to Hayek’s brother for Salma’s personal details. The same woman then pretended to be Hayek herself and reached out to Salma’s co-star, Sasha Alexander.

And that’s when Philippon, impersonating Hayek, sent the email to Sasha with the details about an extortion and kidnapping threat.

“I know where her daughter will be How much is her life worth,” read the threat forwarded by Philippon.

Aware that Bodagh was part of the kidnapping plot, Salma sought help from L.A. police. But the problems became worse when Bodagh contacted Hayek’s little girl directly with a message claiming to be from her mother.

“Clearly, Bodagh was attempting to initiate communication with Hayek’s minor child by posing as Hayek,” read the court filing.

As the Inquisitr reported, Salma has talked extensively about her efforts to maintain a youthful, positive mind and body through diet and exercise.

Hayek juices regularly, and also does yoga. She noted that she shares her juicing passion with her daughter.

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