One Direction Vs. Naughty Boy Beef Reignites: Directioners Erupt

It is safe to say that One Direction fans are not fond of Naughty Boy. Over the course of this year, One Direction fans have fallen out with Zayn Malik’s former BFF on numerous occasions. Malik and Naughty Boy, whose real name is Shahid Khan, became friendly with Zayn before One Direction’s On the Road Again tour began earlier this year. Many One Direction fans blamed Khan for being behind Malik’s decision to quit the band shortly after the tour began.

Back in May, One Direction fans were outraged when Khan posted a number of tweets slamming One Direction and Louis Tomlinson. Khan accused Tomlinson of using auto-tune, and Louis hit back accusing Khan of “riding on the back of someone else’s career.”

The row reignited a few weeks ago when Zayn Malik slammed Khan on Twitter with a very public fat shaming. Malik called Khan a fat joke and told him to “stop pretending we’re friends.”

Now it seems that Naughty Boy decided to hit back at Malik by tweeting what Gossip Cop calls a transphobic message. It is claimed that Naughty Boy took a paparazzi photo of Zayn and Photoshopped a wig onto it to make Malik look like a woman.

Khan deleted the message almost immediately, but he clearly had not reckoned on the vigilance of One Direction fans. One Direction fans are a loyal lot, and they do not take kindly to anyone who disses their favorites. The Daily Mirror reports that fans took a screenshot of the message and shared it on social media.

When it comes to One Direction, if you are going to shade them, then you better be prepared for the backlash. Directioners immediately set out to slay Naughty Boy. One fan of One Direction said that Naughty Boy is “jealous of Zayn’s life” and called him a “big greasy burrito.”

Another suggested that Khan deleted his tweet because “he’s too scared to be slayed again.”

Zayn Malik may no longer be part of One Direction, but it is clear that Directioners still hold him close to their hearts. If you intend to diss any member of One Direction, you need to be prepared to incur the wrath of their fans.

In other Zayn Malik news, the Mirror reports that the former One Direction star, who recently split from his fiance Perrie Edwards, may be house hunting in L.A. and looking to move there permanently.

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