Drake 92.7 Radio Station? ‘Views From The 6’ Artist’s Music All Day And Night [Listen Here]

Drake 92.7 is a North Carolina-based radio station which plays nothing but music that includes Drizzy. So, get ready to hear Views from the 6 on this platform.

While many listeners await Drake’s new album, it seems that a used-to-be gospel station has converted to all-Drake, all-day, everyday. It’s not just Drizzy’s own songs that are being played though. It’s actually any and every song of which he’s had any part, verse-wise.

In a simplistic and user-friendly setup, and the Drizzy-music radio station’s website has only one button: Listen Live. Drake 92.7 was once WPZS, as reports XXL. As aforementioned, it used to apply the same concept to gospel music — i.e., all gospel, all the time.

As a way to appeal to a wider audience, the Charlotte-based station only plays “clean” versions of Drake’s songs.

Apparently, that’s a good look for radio plays and Drake fans. Several people have posted to Twitter regarding their pleasures satisfactions with 92.7.

Drake 92.7 Radio Station - 'Views From The 6' Artist's Music All Day And Night [Listen Here]
Credits: Instagram

Although Drake needs zero help at this point in his career, this is another major move. However, from reports, Aubrey Graham has nothing to do with it. Some people believed that he bought out the radio station. Yet, that’s not the case. Since Drizzy’s actually a citizen of Canada, he can’t legally purchase the radio entity. If it were a clear-channel station, it could be a possibility. However, it’s a Charlotte-based station, deemed “local.”

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Rule §73.1650 specifies about international agreements. The documents include some treaties that have been put into place concerning the topic.

However, there are several other FCC rules which could provide somewhat of a loophole for Drake to purchase 92.7. For one, he could have an American attorney conduct his dealings as a version of power of attorney, according to Rule §73.3513. Who knows? Possibly, Drake could be in a partnership.

Honestly, do you realize what this is doing for his royalty payouts? As if Drake’s music wasn’t making him “racks on racks on racks,” someone’s about to be cutting serious checks for performance royalties. Drake is now, literally, making money from his music 24/7.

Then, Views from the 6 still has yet to drop — which will also play on 92.7. They’ve already played a few leaked tracks as well.

What are your thoughts about Drake’s radio station? Remember, this isn’t OVO Sound Radio, which is on Apple’s music service. This is an actual, physically local station.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Audio Credits: Drake 92.7 ; Photo Credits: Instagram]

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