‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Game Blown Up For One ‘BB17’ Houseguest

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Saturday (August 15) focus on Vanessa Rousso. As these fresh Big Brother 17 spoilers relay, Vanessa had her strategies and methods exposed within the house. The rest of the BB17 houseguests have finally caught on to her multiple alliances and secondary plans, setting up a situation that could be very bad for her down the line. A report from fan site Big Brother Network even reveals that Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson (her two closest alliance members) have figured out what she has been doing throughout the season.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Liz Nolan won the latest Head of Household competition, and she has already made her nominations for eviction as well. She has no intention to target Vanessa, even though Liz now knows how Vanessa has been manipulating everyone in the house. This means that Vanessa is likely safe for at least another week, even if the wrong person wins the Veto competition. Due to how the nominations were set up, there is already a backup plan of using James Huling as the replacement nominee.

The continuous stream of lies from Vanessa Rousso may lead to her undoing. As the latest batch of Big Brother 17 spoilers state, she went after John McGuire (Johnny Mac) in the house, first to his face and then to Austin and the twins. She gets caught in a huge lie, stating that John had “red, rage filled eyes” as he said that he was going to come after Austin, Liz, and Julia Nolan. None of it was true, with her main alliance starting to figure out that she was using familiar methods to create a target other than herself.

The entire BB17 house has now figured out what Vanessa is trying to do, and she may have burned bridges with every remaining houseguest. While she is safe due to the numbers this week, it is entirely possible that Austin and the twins turn against her very soon. The trio will want to get her out in a week where she won’t see it coming, making Week 9 the prime opportunity to do it. The biggest obstacle, though, is that either Austin Matelson or Julia Nolan will have to win the Week 9 HOH competition. Past episodes indicate that might be a far-fetched plan.

It may have come to a point where nobody in the house trusts Vanessa Rousso any longer. She will make it to the final eight very easily, but her future beyond that might be a quick ticket straight to the jury house. If Austin, Liz, and Julia want to make a big game move in the short-term, there is a way to manipulate the Veto competition to make sure it happens. That would certainly provide for some interesting Big Brother 17 spoilers over the weekend.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]

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