Salma Hayek’s Restraining Order Against Two Women Granted

Salma Hayek’s restraining order against two women who were stalking her and her family has been granted.

Hayek claims in court documents that two women, Odette Bodagh, 35, and Liana Philippon, 25, attempted to impersonate her. In addition, the 48-year-old actress says that the women “have a dangerous fixation” with her and have been trying to get close to her in order to kidnap her daughter, 7-year-old Valentina.

In a TMZ report, Salma Hayek says that one of the women sent an email with a message that read, “I know where her daughter will be. How much is her life worth?” An excerpt of the court filing states the reason for Salma Hayek’s restraining order.

“This case arised out of a bizarre pattern of behavior by two apparently mentally disturbed individuals. Their actions include, among others, concocting ruses to meet Hayek’s family members to obtain Hayek’s contact information, impersonating Hayek to another celebrity, attempting to directly contact Hayek herself, and impersonating Hayek in contacting Hayek’s minor child.”

Salma Hayek’s restraining order filing also states that the two women have been pretending to be friends with her, despite never meeting her in person. Aside from that, Salma’s restraining order filing consists of copies of text messages from the women sent to other people where they are pretending to be her.

CBS Local reports that Philippon, one of the women slapped with a restraining order, suffers from mental instability and has impersonated actress Angie Harmon before. The Los Angeles police investigators also stated that the two women appeared to be mentally unstable during their questioning.

Salma Hayek’s restraining order has been granted temporarily, but Hayek is due to appear in court for a hearing on September 4 to see whether the restraining order will be granted permanently.

As of now, Salma Hayek’s restraining order demands the two women to stay at least 100 yards away from the actress, her daughter Valentina, and her husband Francois-Henri Pinault.

Despite being away from the spotlight, it seems that Salma is doing just fine with her career and her personal life. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Salma Hayek’s appearance in movies seems to be slowing down, but the actress doesn’t really care.

Salma Hayek has been busy with her activist and humanitarian efforts, and being with her family also keeps her busy these days.

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