‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Julie Plec Drops Hints About Caroline, Damon, And More

The Vampire Diaries season 7 will take the series in an entirely different direction. The focus will move away from the life and loves of Elena Gilbert and focus more on the Salvatore brothers completely. There will be a time jump following the end of season 6, and everyone is changed by the fact that Elena is asleep until Bonnie Bennett dies.

Entertainment Weekly shared some new spoilers from Julie Plec on Friday. She dropped some super-fast hints about all of the major characters remaining on the series, and not all of the hints are good.

“Stefan: ‘Putting back on the hero hair.’ Damon: ‘Trying to deal.’ Bonnie: ‘Trying to help Damon deal.’ Caroline: ‘Lots of surprises in store.’ Matt: ‘Doing his best to protect and serve.’ Alaric: ‘Drinking.’ Enzo: ‘Trying to find where he fits.’ Lily: ‘Trying to hold her family together. ‘Tyler: ‘Gone. Missing. You will not only get a hint [of where he is] very early in the season, but you might even see his smiling face.'”

It does not sound like Damon is in a good place at all. It also sounds like Alaric is in horrible shape after the death of his bride last season.

Damon will have a difficult time because of Elena’s condition. Caroline Dries shared even more about his state of mind to TV Guide.

“He is not ready to hook up; let’s be clear about that! He is drinking and having a wild time, but he is wildly affected by the loss of Elena. He’s never going to not be about Elena, so this first chapter is life after Elena. He’s trying to struggle with, how do I do right by Elena and still be myself?”

As for Lily, one might wonder which family she is trying to hold together, but it is clear that it means her new vampy witch family and not her sons. According to International Business Times, Plec teased a bit about the heretics connected to Lily last month.

“[Lily] is using Mystic Falls as a training ground for how to teach her children how to blend. Unfortunately, they don’t like being told what to do. They’re hungry and they’re vampires. They’re mischievous and bored and cooped up for quite some time so Mystic Falls is sort of the brunt of the joke of the Heretics. It’s a lot of fun and a little twisted.”

Plec went on to tease that the heretics are so much fun that they could earn their own spin-off, but she made it clear that it would be impossible for her to help create four shows at the same time. She will add Containment to her plate this season. That series stars Chris Wood.

The Vampire Diaries season 7 will feature many changes for the town of Mystic Falls. Candice Accola previously teased that the start of season 7 would show the demise of Mystic Falls. The spoilers above teased positive things for Caroline. The fans can hold onto that positive out of the dark times ahead.

The Vampire Diaries will return to CW October 8.

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