Meredith Vieira’s Black Eye: What Happened To The Talk Show Host?

Meredith Vieira’s black eye is a big topic of discussion online Friday, especially after the talk show host stopped by the Today show to co-host with Hoda Kotb in Kathie Lee Gifford’s absence. Just what is the story behind Vieira’s black eye? In this case, there was no extravagant explanation, although it seems that Meredith’s husband is having a bit of fun at her expense.

Vieira was faced with having to tell the story as she joined Hoda Kotb on Friday’s Today show. As viewers saw, Meredith started things off on Friday wearing sunglasses. She soon took them off, and Meredith Vieira’s black eye was on full display. Hoda giggled a bit and Meredith joked that if Kotb laughed, she wasn’t going to get to hear the story.

Meredith explained that she needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. She had just returned from Los Angeles on a flight, and the room was dark. There was a black suitcase still in the room on the floor, but Vieira forgot it was there. She tripped over the suitcase and hit her head on the rim of the dressing room table.

As Vieira shared, her husband Richard Cohen wrote a blog post about the incident. Cohen writes that while he’s the one in the house who has multiple sclerosis, Vieira is the one who is a klutz. The humorous blog post indicated that he had determined that it was time to hire a sitter to protect his wife from herself.

Though both Richard and Meredith joke about Vieira’s black eye, it was a rather serious incident. Meredith had to get a CT scan, though it seems that ultimtely all is well. The bruise is a brutal one, but the talk show host seemingly should recover without too much trouble.

Meredith also joked a bit about the incident via Twitter, writing,

“I’ve done it again….I tripped in the dark and bumped my head. Nasty cut and a black eye. Richard describes it best. The doc says I’m ok, but 3 lessons here: turn on the light, ALWAYS get head injuries checked out, and never marry a writer! @rmcjourneyman.”

As Today fans know, Meredith stepped in to help on the Today set as Kathie Lee Gifford takes some time away in the wake of her husband Frank Gifford’s death. Jenna Bush Hager had been sitting next to Hoda Kotb right after Frank’s passing, but she just welcomed daughter Poppy Louise into the world and obviously couldn’t be on the show Friday. Meredith has been on the show before, and it seems that even Vieira’s black eye couldn’t keep her from stopping by to help out when she was needed.

This story may not be quite as comical as the one recently told by fellow talk show host Kelly Ripa in the wake of her broken foot, or the fact that Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos soon ended up in a matching boot. However, Meredith Vieira’s black eye and ensuing commentary from her husband certainly made for some interesting morning chatter.

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