Britney Spears Spends Needed Girl Time With Niece Lexie

Perhaps when she needs a little break from being surrounded by her adorable sons, Britney Spears spends needed girl time with her niece, Lexie.

How awesome would it be to have a famous aunt who can afford to take you anywhere and buy you just about anything? What’s more, she loves spending her free time with you? Just ask little Lexie, Britney’s brother Bryan’s child. She recently got to spend some girl time with Aunt Britney, and some of it was documented on Britney’s Instagram.

According to People, Britney Spears dressed up in some frilly dresses with her niece on Thursday and posed for a candid snapshot with the young girl.

“Feeling pretty, feeling summery, feeling pretty summery in our dresses,” Britney captioned the photo.

Spears wore a waist-hugging pastel pink dress with black strappy heels. Lexie wore a black dress with a pattern of bright flowers. The two also wore big smiles for the mini photoshoot.

Britney Spears doesn’t stop with dress up, though. The two had a fun time in a bubble bath, where they were completely covered in bubbles, according to Life & Style. The two were all smiles as their faces poked out of a mountain of bubbles which engulfed them.

People speculate Britney can’t get enough girl time because she actually wants a girl of her own. Spears already has two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline, but she has admitted in the past that she’d love to have a “mini-me” in the future.

Britney often posts pictures and videos of her little niece, Lexie. The two are obviously very fond of each other, and Britney loves to showcase the little girl’s singing talents. The vocal and dancing talent must run in the Spears’ family.

If Britney Spears doesn’t have a little girl of her own soon, it’s clear that this will ultimately work out in Lexie’s favor. An aunt who loves to spoil you and treat you like you were her very own can’t be a bad thing, can it?

While Britney Spears spends needed girl time with her niece, we can all at least enjoy the Instagram photos she shares.

[Photos by Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment; Britney Spears/Instagram]

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