Ariana Grande’s Popularity Rises After Wendy Williams Diss

Ariana Grande is once again caught up in the tides of love and hate. This time people jumped in to support her after Wendy Williams challenged her womanhood. But Ariana Grande can’t get a rest from the opinions of the American public.

Wendy Williams haters seem to forget the recent criticisms Ariana received for surveillance footage in a donut shop, showing her putting her nose and mouth up against donuts that were yet to be purchased. Despite the disgusting behavior around food, the real criticism came when Ariana used some of those enormous donuts in a California shop as a reason to lash out against all America. At the end of that footage, Grande claimed she hated America and Americans.

Later, she sort of apologized. Grande mentioned that her beef was less with America and more with the donuts. She claimed she was commenting on America’s unhealthy food choices, the type of food choices you lick, don’t pay for, and wait for someone else to come in and eat. Is Wendy Williams really the one with the problem?

But this time, fans are siding with Ariana to the point where they want Wendy Williams taken off the air. They’ve taken to Twitter, which is how protests go these days, to support Grande and express their outrage under the hashtag #CancelWendyWilliamsShow.

The Wendy Williams Show has been on the air since 2008. The major appeal of Wendy Williams is that she doesn’t hold her tongue. So, of course, Ariana and celebrities like her are bound to get called out. To change that aspect would take away the whole reason people watch the show. This could be the reason Ariana fans are demanding a cancellation rather than just an apology.

Williams made comments degrading Ariana’s youthful appearance, height, and femininity. She angered not only Ariana Grande’s supporters, but people who think a woman shouldn’t judge another woman so harshly on the basis of those things.

Despite the unkind words, this is clearly helping Ariana Grande’s career. The donut shop fiasco made Ariana look like a spoiled brat with unwholesome sanitary habits. It takes the Williams angle further in that Grande doesn’t just have immature looks, but an immature attitude, also.

But this time, support is strong for Grande, and it comes at a time she could use a lift. Public opinion had been building against her so strongly that she managed to make the second spot on a list of celebrities that have dropped in popularity. The list was compiled by the Hollywood Reporter to analyze celebrities who the public turns on. What was notable about the achievement is that Ariana Grande comes in just behind the embattled Bill Cosby, who holds the No. 1 spot.

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