Prince Harry Beard Goes Viral In Scruffy Glory: Harry Helps Conservation Work To Save Endangered Species [Photos]

Prince Harry has a scruffy beard that has gone viral. The prince’s new look first made a public debut in a photo with staff at the African Conservation Experience’s Khulula Care for Wild, reported MSN.

Although Harry posed with a cute young rhino, the beard got all the attention. The photo op showed that Prince Harry has fulfilled his dream of helping to further Namibia conservation work. His three-month position in Africa follows a decade devoted to the British military.

The bearded member of the royal family has expressed concern about the lack of attention given to South Africa’s endangered wildlife as well as species in Botswana and Tanzania, and thus boosting the recognition of the dangers to these creatures is high on Prince Harry’s priority list.

As for the beard, Harry apparently found it easier to skip shaving during his work, which includes learning from conservationists such as veterinarian Dr. Pete Morkel, reported People.

At South Africa’s Khulula Care for Wild, which specializes in rhino conservation, Prince Harry, his beard, and Prince George’s godfather Earl Grosvenor discovered what’s involved in saving this endangered species. He also posed for a picture with project director Petronel Niewoudt’s son Ivan.

Prince Harry shows off scruffy beard.
Prince Harry shows off scruffy beard.

“He cares as much about these rhinos just as we all do,” revealed volunteer Anna Ryan, a University of Richmond student. “It was just incredible.”

Prince Harry made a new best friend by rubbing adolescent rhino Manje and earned praise from volunteers.

Harry even helped with feeding tasks and prepped a bath for several rhinos.

Prince Harry helped feed rhinos like these volunteers.
Prince Harry helped feed rhinos like these volunteers.

As for Prince Harry’s beard, it shows just how immersed the royal family member has been in his work, said Martin Bornman of Care for Wild Africa.

“He is working actively with the anti-poaching units inside the Park,” revealed Bornman. “That is why he has got the beard and everything. He had literally just come out of the bush.”

And Bornman lauded Prince Harry for listening to the people involved in conservation efforts.

“What Harry seems to do, which he is really good at, is that he is very empathetic and people-focused. He wants to know a lot about the people, what they are doing and how they do it.”

Prince Harry hasn’t neglected his new niece while growing out his beard and helping improve awareness of the needs to save endangered species.

As the Inquisitr reported, Harry also commented on his brother Prince William’s second child and is collecting cuddly toys for the baby girl.

“She is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to meet her,” said Harry.

Aware that he wants to be a good uncle, his fans have given him baby-friendly gifts.

“I have been given a hell of a lot of cuddly toys from this morning and other things,” said Prince Harry after a recent public appearance.

[Images via African Conservation Experience]

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