Oh, Canada! Parliament Candidate Battles Dragon, Killer Robot [Video]

Canadian independent Parliament candidate Wyatt Scott has made himself the hero… of the internet.

Forget about giving this 38-year-old small business owner (as described by CBC News) a political goose egg. He rides a goose like a boss! Per his Facebook page, Scott made his intentions known.

“My name is Wyatt Scott and I want to represent you as your next Member of Parliament for Mission Matsqui Fraser-Canyon.”

“I’m an independent candidate,” he boldly claims in the video just before leaping from the back of a flying goose with his sword drawn, abandoning his lofty position striding high above a mountain range. “And I’m here to fight for Canada!”

A fierce dragon takes one for the team as the hurtling Canadian’s sword impales his head. Scott tumbles to a stand to save a falling college student and shakes on a full beard to match the hairdo even Wolverine would be proud of. Oh, and he defeats a giant killer robot just before the video wraps up.

The dragon-slaying, laser-beam-eyed, beard-shifting Canadian has a platform to match.

“For starters, we need to encourage sustainable, pro-Canadian industries here in our riding and our province. Tax incentives, reduced bureaucracy, and an emphasis on hiring Canadian workers and growing Canadian manufacturing to help build long-term stable growth. By promoting green technologies we can improve our economy while at the same time protecting and preserving the natural heritage of the Fraser Valley and Canyon.”

People may like or dislike his political views, and perhaps that is why worlds collide with space ships and another falling human smashes to Canadian soil unaided, but Wyatt Scott has one big thing going for him. He fist-bumps aliens.

As reported earlier this year by the Inquisitr, Canadian ex-defense minister did say that alien ships are “as common as airplanes,” so other top members of Parliament would possibly welcome this progressive candidate.

Al Jezeera Plus posted this video about Scott.


“We will have to gradually implement environmentally friendly practices while expanding on new technologies,” claimed Wyatt.

Scott may or may not be able secure the votes he needs come October, but he has been racking up the love on Twitter.

Wyatt’s political antics have attracted worldwide attention.

Perhaps a few American GOP candidates can take some pointers from Scott.

Mr. Scott had a lot of love to share with the people of Canada through his platform.

“Canada’s biggest resource, by far: our people. We need to promote our people and rebuild Canada’s reputation and credibility on the world stage. To this end, I would implement universal post-secondary education in Canada. There are many established and proven examples of universal post-secondary around the world whose model we could follow. Our youth are our future; we need to give them the chance to learn, to innovate, to become the leaders in new technology.”

Wyatt is leading in new technology for political campaigns for certain. The video end credits prove one thing. Zorg lives!

As Wyatt Scott asks in the video, “Are you ready for the shift?” Would you vote for him?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]

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