Sheryl Crow Forgets The Lyrics To ‘Soak Up The Sun’ [Video]

Sheryl Crow’s brain has gone to Sh*t. The 50-year-old singer was performing a concert down in St. Petersburg, Florida, when she forgot the words to one of her most famous hits, “Soak Up The Sun.”

Crow released the song more than a decade ago so it probably isn’t the freshest thing in her mind. The veteran singer has been in the music business for more than two decades, so a screw up here or there is understandable. At least she’s still singing live and not relying on pre-recorded tapes.

Crow said:

“What are the words?… It’s live! Nothing on tape here!”

Crow mumbles through the rest of the verse before telling the audience:

“I’m 50 what can I say! My brain has gone to s**t!”

Once the band brings it back to the chorus, however, Crow snaps back into form.

Sheryl Crow may be having a hard time with some of her older songs but soon the singer will get to focus on new material. Last year it was announced that Sheryl Crow would be writing the music for the new musical “Diner.” The Broadway show will debut in San Fransisco later this year before hitting Broadway in Spring 2013.

Here’s the video of Sheryl Crow’s embarrassing moment in Florida.

And if that put in the mood to “Soak Up The Sun,” here’s the music video complete with lyrics.

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