Kim Richards’ Children Are Heartsick: Richards Losing Control – And Her Memory?

Kim Richards continues to make headlines after her recent arrest. Richards was arrested for shoplifting at Target, something that many people did not expect to happen. Kim was busted for shoplifting for more than $600 and she had supposedly taken everything from coloring books to toys. It is uncertain who she was shoplifting for, as many of Richards’ children are adults.

But it sounds like Kim Richards isn’t eager to get the help that her family wants her to get. This Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been to rehab, jail and even stayed at a hospital, but it has not had an influence in her progress. In fact, Richards is refusing any more help and it is heartbreaking to her children.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kim Richards is now being stubborn and is refusing to get help. During an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim revealed that her children would turn their backs on her if she relapsed again. This was before her arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel back in the spring. So one can imagine that her children are very heartbroken over the newest developments.

“Kim was advised that she needed to continue treatment, but ultimately decided not to stay, and left,” a source has revealed, adding, “Kim’s four children are absolutely heartsick about her tragic situation. She is spiraling out of control. She has said she doesn’t remember the events leading up to her shoplifting arrest!”

Apparently, Kim tends to forget things when she is under the influence. The same thing happened when Richards was arrested for lashing out at an officer back in the spring. Richards claimed she remembered bits and pieces. She was admitted to rehab, but left after 30 days.

“She is absolutely refusing. The family just doesn’t know what to do, and are afraid something horrible is going to happen to her,” a source has revealed, adding, “The family believes that Kim has three options. 1. She goes back to rehab. 2. She’s put on a 5150 hold. 3. She could end up hospitalized from alcohol poisoning or pill overdose.”

Brandi Glanville recently revealed that she still talks to Richards and replied with a simple “yes” when asked on Twitter. This was also covered by Reality Tea. According to the Inquisitr, it isn’t everyone who is sticking by Kim Richards. Lisa Vanderpump has distanced herself from her co-star, as she feels she can’t help her.

What do you think of Kim Richards being too stubborn to get help?

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