Tom Brady Headed To $460 Million Divorce Court [Video]

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are seeking a divorce, and it seems “Deflate-Gate” is the cause. Hollywood Life reports that Brady is in the midst of a $460 million divorce as his NFL career is in shambles.

During the Deflate-Gate drama, Tom Brady and Gisele have kept quiet about their relationship. Tom was accused of deflating footballs for his NFL team, the New England Patriots, during a championship. Tom is also accused of destroying potential evidence. The controversy from the scandal has reportedly put a huge strain on his relationship with his supermodel wife, and now Tom and Gisele are headed to divorce court.

“This football season is especially stressful because of Deflate-Gate. Tom is really upset about everything that has gone down and it can’t help but put a strain on their marriage,” a source close to Tom Brady told Hollywood Life about the reasons for the seemingly-sudden divorce.

In addition to his pending $460 million divorce, Hollywood Life reports that the NFL recently ruled that Tom is required to serve a four-game suspension for deflating the footballs and destroying evidence. Tom Brady reportedly appealed the NFL ruling for 11 hours, but eventually lost his case. Tom has taken the NFL to federal court to argue his case.

The news of the divorce comes as a shock since, despite the football controversy, everything seemed to be going well between Tom and his supermodel wife, who wished Brady a happy birthday via Instagram on August 3, showing no signs of wanting a divorce.

According to Ok! magazine, however, things haven’t been quite so rosy between Tom and his wife, including fights “every other day for weeks,” one source close to Brady told the magazine. In fact, on August 3, the same day Gisele posted the loving Instagram photo, Tom and his wife could “barely keep it together for Tom’s birthday dinner,” writes Hollywood Life.

“As soon as they got home, it all came to a head. They started bickering,” the insider told Ok! magazine.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Deflate-Gate isn’t the only strain between Tom Brady and Gisele. Insiders have revealed that Brady and his wife can’t agree on how to raise their children, and “things have never been this bad,” the source added. She “told Tom that if he didn’t make more of an effort, she might go back to Brazil for a few months to think about the future.” It seems, however, the tipping point that has led Tom Brady and Gisele to divorce is Brady’s role in deflating the footballs and the subsequent federal court drama.

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