Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Leave El Salvador, Are Spotted With Jessa In NYC

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard recently left Central America for the glitz and glam of New York City. However, the missionaries weren’t there on vacation — Jill was in the big city to film footage for TLC’s documentary about victims of sexual abuse.

According to E! News, TLC’s documentary, Breaking the Silence, is set to air on August 30, and it looks like Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar got to use the special as an excuse to visit NYC. Commenters on the Freejinger website reported that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard were spotted in New York City on Thursday night, and, judging from information provided about the sexual abuse documentary, they were in town to film scenes for the commercial-free TV special.

“My friend and I live in NYC, and my friend was just in Times Square tonight after work,” a Freejinger poster wrote. “She called me saying she was right in front of Benessa, AND Jill and Derick! Aren’t they supposed to be doing some good Christian mission work!”

Another commenter shared the Instagram photo below of Jill Duggar, Jessa Duggar, Michelle Duggar, and baby Israel hanging out at a Starbucks in Times Square. Huffington Post editor Carolina J. Moreno also spotted the family visiting the M&M’s World candy store.

Jill Duggar In New York
Jill Duggar, Jessa Duggar, and Michelle Duggar in New York (image via Instagram)

One of the organizations TLC has partnered up with for the sexual abuse documentary is Darkness to Light, and a press release on the nonprofit’s website confirms that Jill and Jessa’s segment of the TV special was filmed in NYC. It doesn’t sound like the sisters will actually be doing much talking — they’re simply going to be shown attending a “Stewards for Children” seminar featuring abuse survivor David Moody.

“A compelling part of the documentary will be a look inside a training session held in New York City earlier in August that included Jill and Jessa Duggar. Through viewing the Docutraining® that features survivors, community members, and experts as well as participating in a facilitator-led discussion, attendees are able to see how they can better protect the children in their lives through practicing the five steps of prevention.”

After it became public knowledge that Josh Duggar had molested five girls as a teenager, Jill Duggar and her younger sister Jessa stepped forward to reveal that they were two of Josh’s victims. They defended their brother’s actions during an interview with FOX News host Megyn Kelly, and Jessa tried to downplay what Josh did by saying that he was simply “a little too curious about girls.” Perhaps TLC decided against letting Jessa and Jill speak during Breaking the Silence because the girls’ attempts to minimize sexual abuse would defeat the purpose of the documentary.

Many Duggar fans likely wondered when Jill Duggar would find the time to film the documentary. She and Derick Dillard left for their Central America mission trip back in July, and the couple made it sound like they were going to be gone for a very long time. Jill shared an update about their future plans on the Dillard Family website earlier this month, but she didn’t reveal that she and Derick would be heading back the States so soon.

“This month we will be in language school, and then return to the U.S. for a short time before heading back to the field,” Jill wrote. “Please continue to pray for wisdom, safety and our ability to learn the language, as well as for the people here in Central America, that God will open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light!”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, many members of the Duggar family are heading to a big televised wedding this weekend. Family friend Michael Bates is getting married in front of the Bringing Up Bates camera crew, and it’s looking very likely that Jill and Derick will make a special appearance on the Bates’ upcoming wedding special. Michael is getting married in Tennessee on Saturday, so perhaps Jill will fly to the ceremony with her family.

Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar will appear in Breaking the Silence on Sunday, Aug. 30 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Featured image via Dillard Family Website]

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