Meet Harry Styles Lookalike Who Brings Restaurants To A ‘Standstill’

Harry Styles may have legions of fans, but not every fan looks like him.

Meet Aron Dale, a 26-year-old young man from Redcar, Cleveland, who is so similar to One Direction singer Harry Styles in appearance that he finds himself inevitably ambushed by ladies every time he leaves his house. In a candid interview with OK! Online, Dale opened up about the good, bad, and the ugly sides of being Styles’ impersonator.

“I like Harry because he reminds me of me. I’m envious of him because he makes loads of money. I just look like him without the fame.”

Harry Styles Lookalike Opens Up About Life And Career
Harry Styles lookalike Aron Dale (Photo: Twitter)

Before Aron hit on the idea of becoming Harry Styles’ impersonator, he was studying to be an engineer in Northumbria University. However, when strangers kept telling Aron he was a dead ringer for Harry Styles, he decided to pack his bags and build a career out of his appearance.

Fortune, though, does not seem to have smiled on this young man yet. A year into his new profession, Aron has only been booked a total of six times – mostly at children’s parties – earning anything between $150 and $200 for an appearance. But Aron hopes going to London will change his life forever.

“When I’m in London I can’t walk around without being mobbed. There’s got to be money in looking like I do. I need to make the most of it while Harry’s so big.”

Harry Styles impersonator hopes to set the world on fire.
Do you think Aron Dale (right) resembles Harry Styles? (Photo: Getty Images & Twitter)

What Aron believes sets him apart from other impersonators is the fact that he does not work very hard to appear like Harry Styles. The swagger and the style come naturally to him. Add to that his appearance in the UK edition of X-Factor in 2013 (apparently rejected by Gary Barlow because of his similarities to Harry Styles), and you have got an impersonator who does not only appear like a celebrity, but even boasts of a similar profession and mannerisms.

“At first I didn’t really notice I looked like Harry because One Direction is more for young girls, so I didn’t really take an interest in the band. But soon people were stopping and gawping at me in the streets and friends and family were commenting on our similar looks. It has its ups and downs, looking like a famous singer. But I can bring a whole coffee shop or restaurant to a standstill when I go out dressed in Harry Styles’ trademark clothing – bandanna round my head, skinny jeans and leather boots. On top of this, I talk like him and I have the same swagger – I just am him.”

Harry Styles impersonator Aron Dale
Aron believes he looks just like Harry Styles. (Photo: OK! Magazine)

Not everyone believes so, however. According to Daily Mail, most fans of Harry Styles believe Aron Dale is deluded to think he can make a career out of trying to appear like the One Direction singer. One 17-year-old self-confessed Harry Styles’ fan, Samantha Timmins, had pretty hard words for our man.

“He looks like Harry’s third cousin. I suppose he has the same hair. He looks more like my uncle Steve.”


Maybe only Harry Styles should have the final word. Till then, Aron Dale could prepare for his trip to London.

[Photo via OK! Online and Youtube]

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