Suzanne Crough Cause Of Death Revealed: ‘Partridge Family’ Actress Had Rare Heart Ailment

Former child actress Suzanne Crough Condray passed away in April. The sudden loss stunned many fans of the Partridge Family. At age 52, it seemed Crough was gone far too soon.

It was learned on Thursday that Suzanne was, in fact, the victim of a ticking time bomb inside of her chest — A rare heart condition that could have killed her at any time.

According to The Wrap, a coroner in Clark County, Nevada, determined that Suzanne Crough died as a result of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, a unique form of cardiomyopathy.

“The condition occurs when the heart muscle of the right ventricle is replaced by fat and/or fibrous tissue, causing the right ventricle to dilate and contract poorly, usually resulting in a weakened ability of the heart to pump blood. Patients with the condition often have abnormal heart rhythms, causing increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest or death.”

The findings explain the startling nature of Suzanne’s death; she was said to have “died suddenly” in her Nevada home.

Despite the unfortunate nature of her loss, Suzanne Crough was determined to have “died of natural causes.” The specific source of the rare ailment that took her life is unknown, but researchers believe the condition to be hereditary. Approximately one-out-of-every 5,000 people are currently living with arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia.

The Daily Mail reports that Crough was survived by husband William Condray, to whom she was married for nearly 30 years. The couple had two daughters, Samantha and Alexandra. Crough also has a one-year-old granddaughter named Evelena.

While other former Patridge Family actors attempted to cling to D-List celebrity fame in the decades since the show aired, Suzanne Crough adjusted to life as a former child star fairly well. When she appeared on the Today Show in 2010 for a special reunion, Suzanne revealed that her life was rather ordinary. She seemed just fine without the fame. During the interview, Crough revealed that she worked as a manager at a local Office Max.

Suzanne Crough Condray is best known for her role as Tracy Partridge on the Partridge Family, starring alongside David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce. She was reportedly just seven when she was cast as part of the popular singing family. The series ran from 1970 to 1974.

Suzanne Crough later appeared on several other TV shows, but her final on-screen role was the 1980 film Children of Divorce.

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