Daryl Hall Divorce Filing Ends Six Year Marriage For Hall & Oates Rocker

Daryl Hall received divorce papers from his wife of six years earlier this week, according to Radar Online. Hall married Amanda Aspinall in 2009, and she filed for divorce from the well-known rocker on Monday. She filed for divorce papers in the state that the pair calls home currently, Connecticut.

According to the Radar Online report, court documents revealed that Amanda said the marriage had “irretrievably broken down.” She has two children from a previous marriage, but the couple shares no children together.

This was Halls’ second marriage. Between 1969 and 1972, he was married to Bryna Lublin. After that divorce, he was in a nearly 30-year-long relationship with Sara Allen.

Daryl is not contesting the divorce. He has only asked that the prenup signed by the couple before their marriage be observed. Amanda has asked the same. She is the daughter of zoo and gambling tycoon, John Aspinall.

Daryl Hall has managed to keep himself busy in 2015. He is still making music and touring with the other half of Hall & Oates, John Oates. The duo was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame last year. This year, the pair has been touring together, and their next show is scheduled for August 30.

The duo just added more tour dates onto their schedule. The newly added leg of the Hall & Oates 2015 Tour will start in Hawaii in October, and the dates will continue through December with an end in North Carolina, according to Zumic.

Hall & Oates have been making music for more than 40 years, and the duo has seen it all. They started before MTV, and the rise of MTV caused a decline for their music. Daryl Hall blamed that on rock music videos.

Earlier this year, he shared one music video experience he had while recording a video for the Hall & Oates song, “Out of Touch.” He was not at all happy about the video creation process for that song.

“It’s a song about interpersonal relationships, and stress and all of these other things, and it’s being depicted visually by John Oates doing cartwheels around the room and me running around in a dog suit, busting out of 40-foot drums. It’s a circus. It distracts from any of the subtlety — not even the subtlety, the meaning of the song.”

He went on to complain that the video was “antithetical to what [the pair was] trying to do.”

Daryl Hall plans to keep busy in 2016 as well. That might help him deal with the end of his marriage. After the Hall & Oates tour wraps up later this year, he plans to work on a new solo album. Hall revealed an interview in April that he plans to release and promote a new solo album next year. Back then, he revealed that he wanted to start working on material this summer.

He shared a bit about his songwriting process in the interview, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal. Hall admits to being old fashioned when it comes to his songwriting. He will use a cassette recorder to help him create.

“I’m constantly scribbling notes, ideas. Sometimes it drives me crazy if I don’t have a pencil or pen nearby. I have journals, as well. It’s easier — stop, start, record. The less thought that’s involved with something, the better. I don’t want to have to think about anything to get an idea down. I usually don’t finish songs until I have a reason to. If there is an album project coming up, I generally start finishing songs to get to that place.”

In addition to the touring and new album, the 68-year-old Halls has added even more fans in recent years. Live from Daryl’s House began as a web series in 2007, and it now airs on Palladia. In the beginning, Hall invited performers to his home, and they would jam together while eating, drinking, and talking about music.

The series did not start with a live audience, but as popularity for the series grew, people wanted to know how they could see the series recorded live and in person. He decided to make that wish a reality. According to the New York Times, Hall opened Daryl’s House Restaurant and Live Music Club on Halloween 2014 with a performance by himself and John Oates.

“Live from Daryl’s House has never had a live audience. But as it became more popular, more viewers asked how they could share the experience. So I started thinking about creating an environment where people can basically do what we do at the house with the television show but in a public place. I hang out in here, have bands that have been on the show playing here, sort of create that clubhouse environment.”

The location does emulate his home, but it is a working restaurant and club at the same time. The establishment can house an audience of 350 if the tables are removed. Hall has admitted to tending bar at the restaurant, and he does perform on stage. The series has only introduced Daryl Hall and his music to a new generation.

Daryl Hall’s divorce is only the latest divorce announced this summer. Earlier this summer, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their split after 13 years of marriage. Reba McEntire also announced the end of her 26-year-long marriage to Narvel Blackstock.

What do you think of Daryl Hall being handed divorce papers?

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