‘World Of Warcraft’ Public Test Realm Reveals ‘Legion’ Collector’s Edition Mount, Pet

Patch 6.2.2 will likely finally let players with the “Draenor Pathfinder” achievement fly through the skies of Draenor in World of Warcraft, but the patch also contains several new strings to the game for upcoming events, Timewalking changes, and even the release of “Legion.” Currently on the public test realm, patch 6.2.2 includes new changes to Hallow’s End and Winter Veil alongside a new Timewalking currency. Notably, new lines for “Legion” content are also present, specifically for the level 100 boost, the Collector’s Edition mount, and the Collector’s Edition pet.

Four new quests for Hallow’s End are being prepared for the event’s return to World of Warcraft in October. New items, new costumes, and even Pepe will get in the Halloween spirit, according to the datamined information. Shadowmoon Valley also has a new skybox associated with the event. Later in the year, players will have the Feast of Winter Veil to celebrate. The public test realm patch also includes altered quests for it as well as adding the 2015 Winter Veil gift.

The World of Warcraft public test realm has also been updated with a number of Timewalking highlights. Players will now be able to pick up Timewarped Badges, a currency used at vendors that appear during Timewalking events. The currency will purchase new toys, new mounts, and gear that will be appropriate for the character’s natural level.

Finally, the test server now also includes information on purchasing or pre-purchasing the “Legion” expansion. The level 100 boost string was added beside a new mount and pet flagged as rewards from purchasing the expansion. The Illidari Felstalker is the mount rewarded for owning the “Legion” expansion for World of Warcraft. Nibbles is a battle pet version of the mount that is rewarded for owning “Legion.” Both models are similar to Dark Felstalker enemy currently found in Tanaan Jungle at the Temple of Sha’naar.

With that information in mind, it seems pre-purchasing “Legion” may be a possibility rather soon. No price point or release date has been confirmed for Legion, however, World of Warcraft expansions were $40 until “Warlords of Draenor” released at $50 with a character boost. Since “Legion” also contains a character boost, it is likely to be priced similarly.

Of course, all content presented on the public test realm can change before the live release of a patch. Content included for events like Hallow’s End and Winter Veil will, of course, go live post patch 6.2.2 in accordance with their respective schedules. With achievements for owning Collector’s Edition rewards showing up on the test server for 6.2.2, players will likely be able to pre-purchase Legion sometime after the patch’s release. The test sever even includes a new mount that will be available to purchase for real money. This new Grove Warden is a new moose mount that also has no release date as of this writing.

World of Warcraft
The Grove Warden mount coming to the World of Warcraft store

Do those felstalkers have any effect on whether or not you will buy “Legion”?

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