The Drake Vs. Meek Mill Beef Ends With Drizzy Leading In Sales And Milli Drastically Lagging Behind

Just yesterday, Meek Mill finally ended the beef with Drake, which had hip-hop fans on the edge of their seats. Today, the charts show that Drake is leading in sales and streaming plays, and for Meek Mill, things aren’t looking so good. Here’s how bad Meek Mill lost to Drake.

Drake’s recently released tracks are streaming very well, according to Billboard, and the feud has also influenced a 12 percent spike in sales of his already released album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Based on data collected by Neilson, Meek Mill is down in sales by a whopping 40 percent. In addition, his Drake diss tracks were ill-received by hip-hop listeners and therefore didn’t get as many streams. The feud, which has been considered the “most tedious” in hip-hop recently, came to a sudden halt when Meek Mill took to Instagram to vent on his true purpose in hip hop, which apparently is not to feud with Drake.

“We really only focusing on making it out. That’s the only war we fighting… I’m not entertaining no rap/real beef with Drake s/o rapper! I can’t fall for the oldest trick in the book, and I never shoulda entertained it becuz it won’t bring me no money or success.

“Ima take blame for it even tho ‘I can stand’ anything I do or say and n***az know… Everybody know everybody watching and anything beyond what’s going on is stupid to b reacting on about a bunch of n***as just trying to get on and in the game.

“I been in these streets having money for a long time, now ‘shining hard’ and never had a problem with… I came up from nothing and my name good.”

There have been many memes created in light of the rap beef that was initiated by Meek, but few of them showed him as the winning artist. Instead, many people, including Philadelphia residents who should have sided with Meek Mill. Throughout the feud, Meek Mill has has many things to say against Drake, but in turn, Drake has had little words for Meek Mill. When Drake finally did respond, it was in a diss track called “Charged Up,” in which he simply explains why he’s not responding to Meek’s petty beef.

“I stay silent ’cause we’re at war and I’m very patient / 6 God is watching / I just hope you’re prepared to face him / I’m charged up. Wow, I’m honored you think this is staged / I’m flattered, man / In fact, I’m amazed.”

Overall, in the week ending August 6th, Drake sold 13,000 albums and 338,000 songs and had 51.6 million streams. Meek Mill, on the other hand, only sold 7,000 albums and 67,000 songs and had 22.7 million streams. It’s seem like Meek’s forfeit in the feud was needed, as he would have lost the war to Drake in the end.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Tidal/Roc Nation]

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