Tamra Judge: Heather Dubrow Completely Wrong About Shannon Beador Conversation Regarding Her And Meghan Edmonds

Tamra Judge maintains that she was not trying to stir up trouble during the group’s vacation in Tahiti. On Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra told Heather Dubrow that Shannon Beador had told her and Vicki Gunvalson that Heather should not be friends with Meghan King Edmonds out of loyalty to her older friend, Jim Edmond’s ex-wife, Allison.

A short clip showed Shannon telling Tamra and Vicki that Heather was breaking the Girl Code by being friends with both women.

“You know what, it’s the Girl Code. You don’t hang out with the new wife when you’re good friends with the other.”

At a group dinner, Heather confronted Shannon about what she said. Heather said that Tamra told her that Shannon was very negative about her and used the word “outrageous.” Shannon denied being negative about Heather and using the word “outrageous.” When Tamra denied that she told Heather such things, Heather countered that she did. The fight continued after the dinner, when Meghan, who did not like Shannon expressing disapproval over Heather being friends with both her and Jim’s second ex-wife, branded her a pot stirrer. Shannon, who had already had drama with Meghan earlier in Orange County, was so furious that she walked off from the group.

In her BravoTV.com blog post, posted on Thursday, Tamra Judge denied trying to stir up trouble on purpose. She claims that she told Heather Dubrow that Shannon Beador talked about her friendships with Meghan King Edmonds and Allison to make sure that there were no misunderstandings later on down the road. According to Tamra, Heather retold what was said to her completely wrong.

“Honestly, after what happened in Bali last year I decided that I would be very open about any conversation we have about another person while they are not there. Last year’s game of telephone was so twisted and such BS! I’m not playing their game again! Heather called me the next morning and asked me ‘did you guys talk about me,’ I said YES we did. Jimmy’s ex was brought up while talking about Meghan and Shannon thought you broke the ‘girl code.’ THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. So why was I so pissed when Heather tells the story TOTALLY DIFFERENT? I never said anything about being negative or that Shannon was being mean or whatever she said I said.”

Heather, in her own blog post, seemed to admit that she may have retold what Tamra told her a little differently.

“At dinner that night I couldn’t remember exactly what Tamra told me about the ‘girl code’ issue, but the GIST was that Shannon was being negative towards me. That’s what I was trying to understand. If Tamra wants everything out in the open I don’t know why she was annoyed by this. I certainly wasn’t ‘going after’ Tamra in any way. I was just trying to get the truth.”

Heather also defended her decision to be friends with both Meghan and Jim’s ex-wife.

“Jimmy Edmonds has been a friend of mine and Terry’s for a long time. Yes, I’m friends with his ex-wife. She is a great girl and it’s sad their marriage didn’t work out. That is NOT Meghan’s fault, nor is it mine. There is no handbook to tell you how to deal with friends who got divorced. I’m doing the best I can to maintain my relationships in the most loving and honest way that I can.”

Besides defending Heather Dubrow’s decision to be friends with both her and her husband’s ex-wife, Meghan King Edmonds has also had to defend her marriage. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Meghan, in response to someone who suggested that she contributed to the demise of Jim’s second marriage, tweeted that Jim’s ex-wife was already dating someone else before she and Jim got together.

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