Ashton Kutcher ‘Brown Face Ad’ Ripped Apart By Indian Comedian Hasan Minhaj [Video]

Ashton Kutcher caught a lot of flak last week after he donned some brown face makeup for a Popchip ad. The “Two and a Half Men” star, as well as Popchips, were accused of being racist and for mocking Indian people. Comedian Hasan Minhaj recently released a video criticizing Kutcher for his portrayal of Indian people, saying that not only is the ad racist, but it is also offensively unfunny.

Minhaj takes a few issues with Kutcher’s character. First, there’s the brown face. Minhaj notes that Popchips also has a barbecue flavor but they would never put Kutcher in black face for the ad. Second, his accent is terrible. And third, his skit just isn’t funny.

But Minhaj says that Popchips isn’t the only company producing racist content in relation to Indian culture. The comedian says that Indians and Asians are the new “clownable minority.”

Minhaj said:

“Maybe Popchips didn’t consciously want to offend minorities. But subconsciously they knew that they could get away with clowning Indians and Asians. That’s the way it is now. They wouldn’t do that with any other ethnicity. There’s a barbecue flavor Popchips, so why didn’t they put him in black face. Because you knew that you would get buried. Indians and Asians are the new clownable minorities.”

Here’s Hasan Minhaj’s video response to Ashton Kutcher’s Popchips ad. (NSFW: Language)

You can see Ashton Kutcher’s ad here.

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