Robin Thicke, Nicki Minaj New Video ‘Back Together’ Sets Twitter Afire [Video]

Hey Robin, says Nicki Minaj in the opening of the new video called “Back Together,” just released on Robin’s VEVO YouTube channel. Previously, only the audio version of the song was released — but now that the visuals have been released, too, fans are soaking up the “Back Together” imagery. Thicke stars as a heartbroken man who seems to appear out of the Mad Men era of the 1950s or 1960s.

Was that Bruno Mars that appeared in the “Back Together” video with Robin and Nicki? That’s what other folks are also asking about the video on YouTube, which is going viral, with more than 44,000 views within hours. Too bad music videos don’t have IMDB pages with full listings of the cast that appears therein.

Hearing the lyrics of “Back Together,” one automatically assumes that Robin is singing about ex-wife Paula Patton. As seen in the above video from GMA, Thicke explained — sounding just like his dad, Alan Thicke — that even though he didn’t pen “Back Together,” the lyrics resonated with him at the time.

For Nicki’s part in “Back Together,” her lyrics are standard Minaj witty fare, but her appearance in the video isn’t that long.

“Pretty on fleek is poppin’ — I’m Mary Poppins. Used to call me Hillary, ’cause I ‘rod ’em’ “

For the most part, Robin sings a lot about getting a woman back as he frolics around a pool with Beyoncé-types, slender and sleek.

“Wasn’t it good enough? Why did you have to go and say goodybe?”

Apparently, the woman who isn’t at the pool pouring drinks and looking pretty is the one who’s still on his mind.

“You’re still the best thing I’ve ever had.
I’m an addict. Gotta have it. Let me at it tonight.”

In one “Back Together” scene, Thicke lays back, combing his hair in the pool Fonzie-style — like “The Fonz” from Happy Days.

“I don’t like what you’re turning me into.
I want to live between your legs.
You used your love to tear me apart. Now put me back together.
You put a bullet straight into my heart.”

Fans will probably be left wanting to see more of Minaj. As reported by the Inquisitr, Minaj and Beyoncé’s “Feeling Myself” video also went viral when it first dropped online. Another thing that went viral was Beyoncé’s Derrick Rose No. 1 swimming suit from that music video. No telling if Robin’s suit from “Back Together” will also go viral.

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