John Rhys-Davies: Christianity Is Almost ‘Wiped Out’ In Africa, Middle East

John Rhys-Davies, the Welsh actor who is primarily known for his portrayals as Gimli in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and Sallah in the Indiana Jones films, has insisted that Christianity is being wiped out in both the Middle East and Africa.

Rhys-Davies stated that the combination of political correctness and Islamic terrorism is bringing an end to civilization as we know it.

Speaking on Adam Carolla’s podcast, which was posted on Monday evening, via CNN, Rhys-Davies proclaimed, “There is extraordinary silence in the West. Basically, Christianity in the Middle East and in Africa is being wiped out.”

Davies continued by adding more details to the treatment of Christians in the region. He explained, “I mean not just ideologically but physically, and people are being enslaved and killed because they are Christians. And your country and my country are doing nothing about it.”

Carolla then voiced his disdain that people aren’t able to joke about the exploits in the region, even though they are so primitive.

“This notion that we’re evolved into a species that’s incapable of judging other groups and what they are doing, especially when it is beheading people or setting people on fire or throwing acid in the face of schoolgirls,” Carolla declared. “I like that kind of judging. It’s evolved.”

Rhys-Davies then added, “This is a unique age. We don’t want to be judgmental. Every other age that has come before us has believed exactly the opposite. I mean, T.S. Eliot referred to ‘the common pursuit of true judgment.’ Yes. That’s what it’s about. Getting our judgments right.”

But Davies, who was promoting the release of Return To The Hiding Place on DVD, wasn’t done with his passionate diatribe on the subject.

He continued, “It’s an age where politicians don’t actually say what they believe. They are are afraid of being judged as being partisan. Heaven forbid that we should criticize people who, after all, share a different value system.”

Davies then mockingly described how these individuals talk, teasing, “But it’s all relevant. It’s all equally relative. We’re all the same. And God and the devil, they’re the same, aren’t they, really? Right and wrong? It’s really just two faces of the same coin.”

Rhys-Davies ended with the rather emphatic, “We have lost our moral compass completely, and, unless we find it, we’re going to lose our civilization. I think we’re going to lose Western European Christian civilization.”

[Photo by Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for SiriusXM]

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