Tennis Trash Talk: Nick Kyrgios Stuns Wawrinka On Court With Jaw-Dropping Remark, Fined By ATP

There is a wild child on the tennis court, and his name is Nick Kyrgios. The pro tennis player is taking some heat since he slammed his opponent, Stan Wawrinka, with his hurtful remarks on Thursday. This all played out on court as the two men were into a tie-breaker in the second round of the Rogers Cup in Montreal.

According to ESPN, the Australian spit out to Wawrinka during the match that fellow tennis pro, Thanasi Kokkinakis, was fooling around with his girlfriend. Of course, the whole world heard the trash talk, as well.

Stan’s rumored girlfriend is 19-year-old Croatian player Donna Vekic. Wawrinka ended up pulling out of the match due to an injury, but then he blasted Kyrgios on social media for his “disrespectful” remarks.

“So disappointing to see a fellow athlete and colleague be so disrespectful in a way I could never even imagine.”

Stan wasn’t done with his rant towards Nick Kyrgios as he went on with the Aussie’s bad boy behavior.

He sent out a couple more tweets, saying that the integrity of this sport is in question and that he is hopeful that the “governing bodies” do something about it. Not too long after that, the ATP made an announcement that Nick was being fined.

Even his mother got in on the action by posting a Twitter message saying. “A sledge for a sledge … do your research before piping up like sheep. #moaners” However, according to BBC Sport, she has deleted her account since piping off this comment defending her son’s actions.

Kyrgios has also come out with an official apology on his Facebook a little while ago. He said that he regrets the whole thing.

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the comments I made during the match last night vs Stan Wawrinka. My comments were made in the heat of the moment and were unacceptable on many levels. In addition to the private apology I’ve made, I would like to make a public apology as well. I take full responsibility for my actions and regret what happened.”

You have to wonder what Donna Vekic is thinking, since she is the center of this whole trash talk between Nick Kyrgios and Stan Wawrinka. She has yet to respond and it is doubtful that she or Thanasi Kokkinakis will have any comments, at least publicly.

Kyrgios has been involved in much controversy recently, according to the Inquisitr. Between swearing on court, fighting with chair umpires, and a spiff with fellow Australian Dawn Fraser over what he called a racist remark, the 20-year-old seems to now be labeled the “bad boy of tennis.” With the U.S. Open coming up this month, you have to wonder what Nick Kyrgios will do next.

Do you think these hot-headed remarks and swearing on court are getting out of hand?

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