Adam Lind Receives 50/50 Custody Of Youngest Daughter Paislee After ‘Teen Mom 2’ Custody Battle? [Report]

Adam Lind may have gained 50/50 custody of his youngest daughter, Paislee, who turns two-years-old next month. Following a custody battle, which is currently playing out on Teen Mom 2 season six, Adam Lind reportedly announced he shares custody of the young child with her mother, Taylor Halbur.

On August 12, Teen Mom Junkies offered an exclusive update on Adam Lind vs. Taylor Halbur, claiming Adam Lind recently filmed the Teen Mom 2 season six reunion special in Los Angeles, where he allegedly revealed he had gained 50/50 custody of his second child. The site also revealed a screenshot, reportedly from Adam Lind’s Facebook page, in which he appeared to confirm the news of his custody win.

In response to Adam Lind’s alleged claim, however, Halbur revealed their current custody agreement.

In a second Teen Mom Junkies reported, it was revealed that Adam Lind was recently denied his request to gain 50/50 custody of his oldest daughter, Aubree, 5, whose mother is Chelsea Houska.

“The judge in this case chose to side with Chelsea and denied Adam’s request. Adam was not awarded physical custody of Aubree, nor was he awarded unsupervised visits with his daughter. He is also still not allowed to drive Aubree around in a car.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Adam Lind’s ex-girlfriends, Halbur and Houska, were seen meeting up to discuss their ongoing custody battles during an episode of Teen Mom 2 season six, which airs later tonight on MTV. In a preview clip of the episode, Adam Lind is the topic of the women’s conversation, and while Houska is holding her ground when it comes to her limitations for Adam Lind, Halbur appears to be ready to make a deal with her former boyfriend.

“We were supposed to go back, but [Adam Lind] and I had talked a little bit about maybe trying to settle out,” Halbur explained to Houska of Adam Lind. “Just like obviously still have it signed by the judge, and stuff like that, so… But we don’t really know what the terms of that would be, obviously, and I just, I don’t know.”

For more Adam Lind, tune into Teen Mom 2 season six on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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