Hank Baskett Refuses Lie Detector Test – Kendra’s Test And ‘Kendra On Top’ TV Show Clips Show Her Close To Cheating [Video]

The drama between Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and Hank Baskett began as soon as the duo walked into the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars house, reports the Inquisitr. Throughout their stay at the house, Kendra and Hank have frustrated their reality show cast mates by not always coming clean about their marital troubles. In the latest video clips from E!, Kendra is the one more apt to put herself and her truth out there to the public, even taking a lie detector test — all the while Hank refuses to take his own lie detector test.

As reported by E!, Hank claimed it was his fear of legal issues and reprisals in the blackmail case with his interactions with a transgender model that kept him from taking the lie detector test. However, the experts and Kendra called BS on Hank’s excuses.

“This is my opportunity to prove to Kendra, but I’m dealing with an investigation and legal issues right now. I don’t know if taking a lie detector here could get in the way of fighting this once we leave Marriage Boot Camp.”

The most Hank has confessed to Kendra about his interactions with the transgender model are claims that Baskett sought out marijuana and ended up in the room with the model. The person supposedly grabbed Hank’s genitalia and forced Baskett to touch her genitalia as well, and Hank claimed he was in shock the whole time and couldn’t move. The reality star’s cast mates, however, were frustrated with Baskett, especially during one episode when he only claimed that growing up with asthma was one of his biggest problems.

“Hank, you keep saying that this is a way to clear you name. This is your chance right now…Are you scared?”

The constant refrain from Hank claiming that nothing else happened wore on the reality star’s cast mates and wife, all of whom wondered if Hank weren’t hiding a lot more about the incident with the transgender model that he didn’t want to be made public. As reported by the Inquisitr, new clips from Kendra on Top show her wrestling with cheating on Hank.

“I’ve cleared my name with you. Kendra, you told me to step up and fight and that’s what I’m trying to do right now.”

The newest episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs on Friday at 9 p.m. on WEtv, so viewers can watch the Kendra and Hank drama continue to unfold.

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