Google Receives First US License For Driverless Car [VIDEO]

As the Inquisitr reported in March, Nevada has become the first state to legalize self-driving cars. Well, now Nevada, known for its permissiveness in the form of legalized gambling and prostitution, has legally sanctioned said driving cars as promised in its legislation by issuing what appears to be the first U.S. license to test driverless cars on public streets.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles issued the license, it announced on Monday, but stipulated that two people be in the cars during testing and that one must sit behind the wheel.

Fox 5 reported that before receiving approval, Google’s experimental car was test driven around Carson City and Las Vegas, proving that it was as safe, if not even safer, than a normal car with a human driver.

DMV head Bruce Breslow said that “It gets honked at more often because it’s being safe.”

The cars will be distinguished by red license plates with an infinity symbol on them, which the DMV says symbolizes their position as “the car of the future.”

The cars operate through the use of GPS, cameras and lasers which detect other cars and pedestrians.

As we have previously reported, the car needs no human intervention (although tapping the break pedel or turning the steering wheel will bring them back under human control) and can even be “operated” by the blind.

In March, Google’s self-driving car took legally blind man Steve Mahan for a ride through town, giving just one example of the many possibilities and benefits that could come from the technology.

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