‘Sugarbabies’: High-Paid College Coeds, Sugar Babies, Are The Focus Of Lifetime Movie, True Story Included

Lifetime’s Sugarbabies is most likely based on several true stories. Sugarbabies is a new movie that is set to premiere on Saturday on the Lifetime channel. The sexy thriller, also known as Sugar Babies, is produced by Reel Entertainment and Pender Street Pictures 4. The term is used to describe young, hot –but broke — females who are looking for a “sugar daddy” to foot their bills. Most of these young women are college and university students who need money to pay their school tuition, rent, and car notes. The term has been around for quite some time. Several newspapers and magazine articles have featured the high-paid lifestyles of sugar babies and the men who take care of them. Lifetime’s movie is similar to the 2014 movie Sugar Daddies starring Peter Strauss.

A simple Google search will bring up a slew of websites that are dedicated to the lifestyle, such as Sugar Daddy Diary, Sugar Daddy Blog, Sugar Sugar, and Sugar Baby Daily. One of the largest and most well-known sugar baby websites is Seeking Arrangement, a website that matches poor college coeds with rich older men — but they need to be gorgeous.

Seeking Arrangement founder Brandon Wade boasts that they have over 800,000 members, and that 35 percent of those users are college students, according to a 2011 Huffington Post article.

“Over the past few years, the number of college students using our site has exploded() College students are one of the biggest segments of our sugar babies and the numbers are growing all the time.”

In 2013, New York Daily News introduced us to a couple of young sugar babies who say they love their lifestyle, insisting that money is not the only advantage of dating older gentlemen. For many of these girls, the business advice and mentoring they receive from the older and often distinguished men are priceless.

Though the prospect of having a lavish lifestyle, including all-inclusive paid vacations, luxury cars, and expensive condos, seems like a lucrative option, there are some risks of this type of lifestyle. Some older men may grow tired of the same woman and may choose to abruptly pick younger and hotter girls — leaving their sugar babies in debt and without a way to pay for their education. Left out of much of the discussion is the possibility of danger lurking around the corner. These clandestine meetings could put these young girls in direct contact with a stalker or a killer. Not only are the girls at risk, but the older men are also vulnerable to the dangers of becoming involved with a dangerous sugar baby who wants nothing but money and is willing to kill for it. The case of Alix Tichelman comes to mind.

For other sugar babies, they want to get in and get out. Having their bills paid and moving forward with their lives is all that they desire. One woman, who went by the name Taylor, stated in the Huffington Post article that she became involved with the Seeking Arrangement website after she was desperate to pay her college tuition and a large debt. Afterward, she said the experience made her feel dirty.

The dramatized version of these true-story events should make an engaging Lifetime movie. So take out your high heel shoes and pour a nice tall glass of “something” as you kick back and watch Sugarbabies at 8 p.m. central.

SugarBabies tease and trailer

“Katie Woods just transferred from community college to Montlake University for their renowned art history program, but campus life is proving more expensive than Katie anticipated. In class, she meets Tessa and is introduced to Tessa’s high-class, expensive lifestyle… all paid for by her older, and richer, boyfriend Leo. While impressed by Tessa’s cultured tastes, Katie is skeptical about the relationships Tessa and her friends pursue– until Katie gets the opportunity of a lifetime to study in Florence, but realizes there is no way she can afford to go. She agrees to Tessa’s suggestion to join her on a double date and, against her better instincts, finds herself falling for Giles, a British businessman who is handsome, successful, and able to write a check to make Katie’s dreams of Florence come true. But Katie soon realizes that having a Sugar Daddy comes at its own price.”

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