Ivan Moody Divorce: Five Finger Death Punch Front Man Might Not Even Be Married [Video]

Ivan Moody, front man for death metal group Five Finger Death Punch, is getting divorced after allegedly attempting to choke his wife. The singer’s wife claims that Ivan Moody put a jiu-jitsu choke hold on her after she confronted him about cheating.

According to TMZ, Ivan beat his wife, Holly Smith, “within an inch of her life” after she found text messages from another woman on his cell phone. After an argument between Moody and his beloved in a Las Vegas hotel room, she went to sleep, only to wake up struggling to breathe. TMZ does not state at which hotel Ivan and Smith were staying.

After Ivan choked his wife, Holly claims the death metal star then repeatedly punched her and choked her with a blanket. Although Moody was arrested for domestic violence, the charges were dropped by the district attorney’s office. Smith then filed for a divorce from Moody, and in the complaint she paints a picture of abuse, including, according to TMZ, an incident in which Moody lost control, giving his wife a bloody eye and busted blood vessels.

In the divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Holly claims she wants financial support, citing the $66,000 Ivan Moody makes each month with his band. According to Loudwire, Smith wants her half of the $792,000 Moody makes each year.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, however, Ivan Moody might not even be married. A Twitter post by Five Finger Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory claims, “don’t know which 1 is more offensive insinuating that Ivan knows JiuJitsu or that he has a wife! none of those R true GottaLoveTheInternet,” clearly indicating that Moody is not only not getting a divorce, but that Ivan isn’t even hitched.

Zoltan has also tweeted other statements about the pending “divorce” of Ivan Moody, writing “Imagine when Ivan finds out that someone is claiming to be married to him and filed (?) for divorce…are there imaginary kids involved?”

Although Ivan himself has stayed mum on the alleged abuse and divorce rumors, fans are ecstatic to know that not only is Moody not getting a divorce, but that the man isn’t even in any sort of trouble. One relieved fan wrote, “lol. Sooo… our lovely Ivan really isn’t in trouble???” and another echoed the same sentiment with, “THANK YOU ZOLTAN FOR CLARIFYING!”

Although it’s not very clear whether Ivan Moody is married with children, or whether the singer is getting a divorce, it’s certain that he has friends to back him up.

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