‘The Big Bang Theory’: Leonard’s ‘Other Woman’ Set To Appear In Season 9

It’s a few short weeks until the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory, and producers have been tight-lipped about what’s to come. The little bits of information that have been revealed indicate that Leonard and Penny’s trip to the altar might have a roadblock or two, and those challenges won’t be gone after the first episode.

TV Line recently reported that the show is casting for an actor to play a minister. That, combined with the knowledge that the Season 9 premiere will take place only a few short hours after last season’s cliffhanger, could lead to the conclusion that Leonard and Penny do make it down the aisle.

But a trip down the aisle doesn’t necessarily lead to a happy ending. As fans recall, Leonard and Penny’s pending nuptials were already troubled. In the car on the way to Vegas, Leonard revealed that he kissed another woman while on a research expedition to the North Sea.

The producers apparently want to explore this piece of Leonard’s past a bit further, as TV Line reported Wednesday that Melissa Tang has been cast as the “other woman.” She’s set to first appear in episode 2 — likely after Leonard and Penny have decided to marry, or not.

Tang seemed to confirm the TV Line report by tweeting out a link to the article, although she provided no commentary. Tang appeared in the series Extant as Mei Fong and Mom, also produced by Big Bang Theory producer Chuck Lorre, as Suzanne.

Although she’s been mum on what her character might be up to, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting took to Instagram to celebrate the cast’s return to filming. She posted a group shot with the caption, “we’re back baby!”

'The Big Bang Theory' cast
(Courtesy of Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting/Instagram)

Johnny Galecki has been posting “throwback” pictures of himself and his Big Bang Theory cast mates in recent days. He and Cuoco-Sweeting also put up the same photo of the two of them on the first day back on set.

Mayim Bialik, whose character Amy Farrah Fowler had her own cliffhanger when her relationship with Sheldon seemed to come to a halt, also blogged about starting up the new season. She said there were no “clear resolutions” to the major issues that came up in the Season 8 finale. That sets up what might be a relationship-themed Season 9.

So far, the show has been green-lit through to the end of Season 10.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 premiere airs on Monday, September 21st on CBS.

[Left image: Melissa Tang / Twitter; Right image Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Entertainment]

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